She also uses religion against me too, I could give a damn about that. I hate bible thumpers and I live with them. such a damn nightmare.
kaylakoerper kaylakoerper
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People should stop using religion as an excuse

she says I'm not religious and I'm an amoral person when I make a bad decision

if we are fighting about one thing, she digs up everything I have ever done, why can't people just stick to one damn topic and leave it at that. none of her me lectures motivate me, if anything I just feel more hopeless and lost

That's not a religious person ! Where's the kindness and respect??

She's sick, and using religion as an excuse

she uses my issues against me too, my nld " I can read facial cues, and you can't" exact quote

There is no trust in this house and I am completely disengaged from the people here

I pay her rent, buy groceries when I can even to the point when I get broke because of it, work part time and she is still on my *** everyday!!!!

nothing is ever good enough, and will ever be good enough

I wish I knew

she doesn't respect me, I don't respect her

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