Not Again

I hate being yelled at. 

Last night was another big fight at our house.  My husband is such an ***. 

I was having one of my employees over to give him some beef. I have to pick up another 1/2 tomorrow and need to still get rid of some in my freezer.  It's still good and this kid doesn't have alot and I wanted to give it to somebody that could use it.  As always I got in trouble by my husband because we could still use it.  I'm picking up 400 lbs of beef on Saturday why can't I just do this to help him out.  To make a very long story short the kid shows up I load him up with 3 sacks full and he is very grateful.  He has a new girlfriend so I give him a package of T-bones so they can have a nice meal this weekend.  The whole time we are out at the freezer my husband is being his normal self and degrading me the whole time. Finally I snap and say why don't you get back in the house I can figure this out for myself thank you. 

This crap lasted for several hours last night him yelling and degrading me. Me crying and telling him to leave me the hell alone.  Me yelling at him. Damn such drama.  I just can't stand him anymore he has pushed me so far away I will never care for him again.  He is the father of my child but that's it.  He doesn't care that he has pushed me so far away I could never love him again. He has said so many hurtful things that its time to go.  The only thing that made him stop was to say.  How do you thing that your best friend (my deceased brother) would feel about the way you have treated his little sister for the past 10 years.  He cried when I said that!  Good you Bastard now you know what it feels like.  I know I'm a bit bitter but I just had to let it all out this morning so I could put it behind me. 




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can i just say very well done,if you can help someone a little bit worse off than you then you should be prased for it not shouted down,and if the low life that was your other half couldn't see this he was made of stone with no heart and not a real man.<br />
god i feel better now lol

Yes I do.

I think you already know the answer to that MT...

Oh yes the heart needs to be won over as long as the rest comes along for the ride. are cracking me up.. Love you know how to win a girls heart that's for sure..

We all care for, and lust after, you tks.

Whatever we all know you are!

HA!!!!!! Doubt that...................<br />
<br />
But you are simply the best..............

I beg to differ...and I know a lot of others that would agree with me...

Nope not humble.

And so humble too!

Awe, thanks but I would beg to differ.

No your the best!!!!

And so are you........

Thanks mt....You such a wonderful friend...Hugs...T

I have read this at least five times and every time to comment on it I get interrupted. So now-----<br />
<br />
Sorry for it and glad that you have been able to vent and get it out, now moved on. I think that you have moved to a better situation but maybe not the best, I don't think that it is all lost yet though. Can be worked out.

Couldn't agree more!

LOL T all to true I suppose. Meaning that relationships are numbing at times.

Yes we will!

We will have to discuss that..hehehe

The real question is did I move in the right direction?

Yes no woman needs that in a relationship. You have done the right things.. And moved on...

Yes it is! I am sooooooooooo happy that I no longer live with that SOB! I am free to do nice things to nice people whenever I want to now! I love my new life for the most part!

it"s always good to let things out .

WashedAway! Thanks Alot! I'll do that!