i dont really understand beyonce she sings about how she wants a guy but she has jay z and her lirycs are gross they make me want to gag she is not single she is married   wat the freak!!??

JoJo15 JoJo15
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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

i know this may seem like a bunch of b.s. but i have got the news from first hand. her dad tried playing the entertainment business, by using some secret hidden cameras that he had exposed on me to make her a star since i was three years old! Obama is the best. but any way i heard all of everything the whole time i think this may cause for a second book of 'tell all tell all.' Hey anybody want to make up a Beyonce lyric- give me your ideas i bet she'll use whatecer i say. PROOF: who was out of their house and stole from K-Mart so beyonce3 could finish i bet that face looks familiar.

fake fake and fake poof all right lol