I Hate Big Brother!!

that stupid excuse for a tv show is back on our tv screens in the uk once again!!! why why why!!! the biggest waste of money ever spent on a tv show, just so that people at home can sit and watch some sad people sitting in a house for a couple of months with nothing to do, but ***** behind each others backs and so on!!! and what weirdo's have they got lined up for this series??

1. a guy that claims he's a loner, and i think he also wants to try make a name for himself as a model or something lol

2. an unemployed lesbian

3. a glamour model

4. a guy from brazil that only found out he was bi sexual once he arrived in the uk (wtf)

5. some guy thats supposed tobe really posh or something

thats just to name a few, but its no these sad people that suprise me, its the fact that this awful excuse for a tv show has been running for something like 10 years or so, and every new series has less and less viewing figures!! when are the makers of this horrid show going to realise that its passed its sell by date!!!!

i hate big brother!!!!!

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4 Responses Jun 12, 2009

yes, its great that there will be no more big brother lol!!! it wasnt too bad, you know like the first series or 2, when it was new, and interesting to see how people would cope being in a house for so long, but then they started taking the ****, and following it up with another series and another series, and putting all the weirdo's and saddo's into the house, and it just became so crap and un-interesting lol

Omg!! i am with you 100% on this one "cowie" i too! hate big brother, it is a waste of quality air time and they could be putting more interesting programmes on!!! I to! am truly grateful it has finally finished in the UK yay!!!!! :-) <br />
Thank you! for sharing!!! :-)

it really is *neurotic2010*!! they finnished the last ever series of big brother here in the uk a couple of months ago, never to be shown again!! and for that, i am truly thankfull!!lol

omg, I agree completely! I stopped watching that a long long time ago, what a waste of time!