My Father's Funeral

The day of the viewing of my dad's body at the funeral home, the crowd was so large, that I became very sick, and blood pressure shot through the roof, and my gloucose bottomed out of conrol.  The funeral director, had to keep people away from me.  I am scared of begin around of a lot of people, at any one time?  They make me nervous, and I have to have a space around meof 12 feet in diameter, I don't like people any closer than that.  I get sick, and I need my space, or it causes me to go off the deep end.

So, now when things happen in my life now, I have someone, whose there, to keep people away, and the funeral director know this now, and when my mother died, he made the arrangements, and kept the people from invading my space.  I don't like to ride elevators that are crowded, I don't visit shopping malls at Christmas time, an I don't go to concerts any more. I just, cannot take on crowds.  I need my space.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 21, 2010