It Stinks

my checking account is in such a sadd, pathetic, state.
Tumblindice Tumblindice
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oh yeah sometimes it is just simpler to use cash plus the credit card companies are really ripping people off lately

I've been using CASH since that whole weird experience---The bank lady explained some complicated thing that can happen to your credit card if you add the tip on it --when u eat in a restaurant! I didn't understand what she was talking about---but from now on, if I use my card in a restaurant--I will make sure the tip is in cash!

That is unbelievable, it makes no sense. But it goes to show how much debit and credit card companies are able to control our money, credit and eventually to some extent our lives..........I am sorry that happened to you!

You won't believe what happened to me!! I have a small checking account that I keep- just for shopping on line- going to lunch- and buying gas. I just use it for my debit card.. I keep between 1 and 2 hundred dollars in it. I went to the gas station--used my card at the pump and it was refused. So I went inside--the lady tried it and said, "it's refused." I knew I had about 120 some odd dollars in there.. I just wanted 10 dollars worth of gas!.. I went across the street and cashed a check for 10 dollars on my other account.<br />
Got my gas and asked the lady why my card had been refused... she said "go talk to the bank." I went to the bank and they said I had a zeroe balance in my account!! I really started to get upset--the bank lady said," now don't be all upset." HA! all my money was gone! and I'm not supposed to be upset. She said, "When u use your gas card--the gas company holds 75 dollars out of your account." Nobody ever told me that! I said," what about the 47 some odd dollars? What happened to that?" She said, the gas company took that too." I DIDN'T GET ANY GAS!!! The gas company took 120 some odd dollars out of my account and I didn't get one drop of gas. To make a long story short --I got my money back - but it took three days and some hassle... Isn't there some LAW against that?

thanks Cheleanne!I don't needlesly freak until i really have to!LOL!

Here! Here! Illioina - what a terrific attitude!

mine too.But if they aren't knocking on my door,it's still not that bad. ;)