Larry the Cable Guy Is Annoying!

The other men I don't so much have a problem with, but Larry the Cable Guy is soooo annoying.  His accent how he talks through his nose drives me up a wall!  And the jokes he makes are digusting.  I don't think his fat sister's moles or his farts are funny at all!  My family is going to see him live next month, I'm staying home.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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6 Responses Feb 25, 2009

LOL resem! I absolutely despise the guy. I just went to my fridge to get ice cream and my family was watching him in the living room on full blast. RAWR!

Larry the Cable Guy is truly an ignoramous. His jokes have absolutely no intellectual value and his key phrase, "git-r-done" makes no sense whatsoever when he says it. In my opinion, he and Paris Hilton should be forced to a battle royale and whomever wins will be declared Idiot King (or International Idiot of the World, I haven't decided yet)

I know melodie! Everyone says git-r-done and here where I live in the south, people say it too much! They even get it put on their trucks. I just wanna scream.

And here I bought my hubbie a fish hook for his hat.......Larry is my Hero......He is really the common mans man...hehehehe<br />
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I can't stand Larry the Cable Guy. And when people say Git-R-Done, I wanna shoot them in the face.

I know! I'm so happy! Instead of buying me a ticket for the show my mom is paying for a bridal consultant course I'm gonna take. Yay!