Right Now I'm Still Using A Razor.

Since I'm shaved from about my navel to just above my knees, there are areas where I don't feel comfortable with using depilatory creams (Nair etc). I have used it on my legs though, and it did a great job, and as everyone else says, it lasts a LOT longer than shaving. I've been tempted to try waxing, but find it hard (as a man) to go to anybody to have it done--especially since it would need to be repeated fairly often. I'm about to try a home sugaring kit and see how that works, but in addition I'm also thinking seriously about an epilator. The idea of removing hair, especially pubic hair in a manner that causes less of it to grow back--and apparently what does grow back would be softer and thinner--really appeals to me.

Anybody else have any experience with regards to sugaring versus waxing? And how good have results really been with an epilator? We all need to share information, not have to relearn everything for ourselves. After all, us girls should stick together.
RayanneA RayanneA
56-60, M
May 4, 2012