Why Me?

I swear how unlock am I? I started grow body hair when I was 11 my legs had fine blonde hairs and I thought to my self these aren't than bad, do you know how long I had those " little blonde hairs," like 3 months they grow to be long dark brown hairs with blonde tips. I went with in I mean I always wear pants anyway, like a week later there was like 3 little hairs on my armpits each... and I said to my self" HELL NO!" when I found those hair I went to the bathroom and pulled them out one at a time. than the worst happen my arm hair turn a brownish blonde color they arn't long but I still I hate them. AND Than, than the fuking stomac joined the party a line of tiny fussed hairs lending into the waste, the next day I went to school and some one pulled up my pant leg and said my leg were hairy than they all started talk about how some one as small as me can grow leg hair. That night I went to my bathroom and shave them bare no water no cream nothing. the next day was worst than the last they hurt as day and night I went to bed and couldn't sleep because they still hurt, I also shaved my stomach so it was hurting to. I stopped shaving and the hair grew back thicker and darker
I was discussed 'I wore layers of clothing and long socks because I hated in so much. Like 2 years later my dad told my to use shaving cream cause I was growing a mustash I had for a while my mom wouldn't let shaving it. but anyway I start shaving with cream and I though hey why not use in on my legs and I did I was so happy I shaving in shower not cause of reasons but I'm glad I am smooth.
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Cannot send message;due to your age(EP blocks ALL adult messages to under 18)---but I have been shaving for years and went through the same sh-- you have---could NEVER understand why GOD put hair on our(men and women)bodies.