All Those Jerks Care About Is Their Dogma

I have yet to meet one that is actually a nice person.  Most of the Bornos I have found on Youtube, and other internet sources and school are complete wackos.  First off, they are extremely rude, arrogant and downright jerks.  They are obsessed with being no part of the world, that they are on the opposite of rational thought.  The world is tolerant of those different from us, so we cant be.  The world is involved in charitable activities, we cant be.  The world treats others with common decency, we cannot do so.  The world uses rational thought, so we cannot.  They claim to follow the bible so well, but all they do is take certain verses out of context to justify their beliefs.  Plus they are usually KJV onlyists.  They are nothing like Jesus, but more like those self righteous pharisees who thought they were more liked by God, and strutted around the streets acting like a bunch of Jerks.  The funny thing is throughout the bible, they take being an incompassionate, and judgmental hypocrite as the most serious offense.  I dont recall any other sin being so strongly opposed.  But Im not trying to get all preachy, just thought that this would be a nice piece of information for those Born Again Christians who claim to follow the bible.  Its best to just ignore them.   
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I'm born again, I'm sorry people on here have had bad experiences with Christians. Jesus never forced himself on anyone he let the people come to him, and still does. He knocks on the door of our hearts, he doesn't kick it in and force his way in. I myself have done some real bad things in my life, and as a christian too ashamedly. My fiancée is not a christian and she asks questions about my faith but I never ram it down her throat I always answer as best as I can and she wanted to read the bible so she has one now, to find out for herself. She hasn't read it yet but I don't keep on at her too. I leave her to her own decisions and just remember her in my prayers, again I'm sorry for the people who have had so many bad experiences it's such a bad witness to Christ. No wonder people run away from him.

Its good to hear people speak out against people who misuse their religion. It seems like most of the loudest Christians are the most unchristian. AKA, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, WBC. But same goes for the Muslims too. The terrorists are always the loudest.

"I like your Christ. I do not like your christians, they are so unlike your christ." -Gandhi

True that

Well, I am a born again Christian, and I have my own reasons. I am a sinner, and I try to be the nicest that I can be to everyone. Everyone has the right to believe what they believe. I am not going to shove my religion down your throat, like a lot of Christians do. Before I became a Christian, a lot of Christians tried to pressure me into becoming one. But I ignored them. I became a Christian on my own. :) so I just wanted to tell you that not all born again Christians are like that. I do read the Bible, but I am not holy. I know that. I am a sinner. I have done, and still do, bad things. If you ever want to talk (don't worry, not about Christianity :D), you can always message me, and I would be more than overjoyed to talk to you! I want to be a counselor, and I just, love to be open about things :D

Good to hear one who is nice. There are just way too many who act like I described

I agree with you :)

the few christian people who are in the right mind.... if only most of them think like you do and not being a self righteous fanatic like the most of them....

Yes, I wish there were more like this, makes Christianity look bad when all they do is shove it down your throat. That is why I don't preach to others.

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"Bornos" I have never heard that term before! are you Australian or something? I was a 'borno' for a very short time in the 80 because I then boyfriend got involved with it along with his sisters who i was also friends with. I couldn't stand it for more than a few months i think they are brainwashed people and they brainwash themselves by reinforcing what they learnt in church with gospel tapes(dvd now I guess) and bible meetings etc. how they could honestly believe in the bible is beyond me.