Eating Lies

zombiedoll zombiedoll
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1 Response Apr 15, 2007

Wow...that's kinda harsh. Goodness. I do have a questions for you...why is it so impossible that the world was created in 7 "days"??? This is something I'd like to hear your answer on. I don't think your paying as much attention to things as you think. Your using logic but not the right logic. I do have to agree with's important that people get up and do things...make things happen. God isn't going to do it for them...that's not his job...and that's not how this whole thing works. We are here to learn... how do you learn if someone does everything for you??? But I also think praying is important. (No I'm not a "born again christian") but praying does seem to do something for you. Even if it is just a pschological thing...(which I don't think it is) but maybe it's just like telling yourself you get the help so you believe it...ya know what I mean??? I personally do believe completely that there is a God and that it's important to pray. I believe it does do a lot of good. I believe that because I've personally seen results in my life because of praying. I would really like to hear why you think the world couldn't have been created in 7 "days". Write me back...please. And please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be rude or bossy or anything like that. I had a comment on what you said and just wanted to express my opinion. I don't mean any offence by it...please know that.