JERKS. The lot of them. Immature little brats. PUNKS. I hate them. I hate them! From ages 13-18 USUALLY, I will hate you. Hit you with a dead fish.
Then there's guys. I don't hate them all, just majority. Guys are just taller boys for the most part, smarter and hopefully more mature. Easier to deal with.
Then there's men. I have issues with men because of my dad, but men are a lot better. It's such a relief. I'm not saying that if you're older than 20, that makes you a man. NO. the more immature you are, the easier it is to categorize you as a boy. I like men, I like their maturity and intelligence. I like gentlemen even better due to their compassion. When I'm older, this will be easier to deal with I'm sure. But for now i'm stuck around boys and guys and I'm tried of it! I wish some guy matured as fast as I did.

And don't even get me started on girls. I hate most of them. Not hate, just..i'm irritated with most of them.

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im 15 but i honestly feel like im more mature than most adults and i look 21 ;)<br />
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i think the reason being boys are boys is because that is what girls like in highschool. girls always want that douchbag guy! WTF! im a gentleman i always try to be as kind as i can with women and offer compassion, i would never even dream of hitting a woman or treating her like dirt. but that is what girls like apparently. iv had gf's before but they walk all over you.<br />
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i wish there were more girls like you at my school

i hate the douchebag theory. it ruins it for girls like me! :/

hey iv tryed it out. hard to say but its true ;) it is no longer a theory

Brayden bro... Nooooo!!

DO NOT buy into that "Douchebag theory"!! It isn't about being a jerk; it's simply about: ATTRACTION.
Here, take a look at this guy (he helped me a ton! ;)):

Ha, I'm way to old sorries. I'm the oldest 24 year old I've ever met. You're dead on though, boys guys and men. Beware of guys though, they turn into men eventually and you never know what kind of man they might be.

i think you're a gentleman.

Sweet I'm 19, right in between.. And a gentleman I try to be always.