I Hate Boys!!

so, i used to date this guy... i'll call him jake... well we were a summer fling because i was going off to school and moving away..  i knew this and he didn't.. he had planned to move there to be with me and he'd transfer to a school there.. he made all these plans.. and i went along.. i started to feel bad when i detached myself from him because he seemed to love me.. i was so different from the girls he dated. i was smart, driven, responsible.. i was a grown up. he claimed to love me, he introduced me to his family. it was fairly serious but we had already lived an hour away from each other.. soon to be more. i'd go see him for a week here and there and it was great.. i thought the distance thing was going to be fine.. he talked about having kids which, was weird because i'm so young right now and i have YEARS of school ahead of me.. (about eight to be a lawyer) he was a party animal and I wasn't at all so we had our conflicts over it.. I wasn't surprised however, when we broke up. He did it over text just right after i was going to so it did not hurt one bit, i knew it wouldn't last.. I woke up at four in the morning to the break up text and then at twelve, i was at the mall when this girl had texted me saying she had had sex with him before hand... which, again surprised me because i wasn't too crushed.. I wished her a happy future with him and was really mature about it so she fell in love with me and the truth actually came out. they hadn't slept together but plotted revenge on me because i was so mean.. i was devestated because of this massive confusion that overwhelmed me. Furthermore, the next night, i found out that he didn't break up with me but someone else had and everyone was telling me he still cared and everything but he didn't, i tried to talk to him again but he acted so immature, i just didnt want to deal with it. It turns out what i was trying to hide about my past, he knew and couldn't get past the fact that i'd never love him because i was lost.

PennyJones PennyJones
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2009