Pregnant Boobs

My boobs hurt and are very sore and I hate having to wear a bra.
I mean I hated wearing a bra anyway, but now that I'm pregnant it's just plain torture.
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

then you should stop wearing one. health always come before looks. wearing bra actually makes you're bra saggs more

Nope no crime at all. I like them too. But I empathise w/ you though, from what I have heard they should get "better" Soon. May take a while. Hang in there.

Hahaha, yeah I'm sure you do like boobs, LOL!!
They have gotten better now that I can pump some milk out of them.

Funny, going through this, of should I say, watching on the side lines, there things that no longer shock me that at one time would have been sooo embarrassed/shy about. But at the end of they day makes you realise what an wonderful thing being human is. It's quite a meracle.

LOL, pregnant boobs? I like them a lot.

Go to hell, thanks.

There is no crime in loving boobs!!