Horrible Break Up From 18 Months.

I dated the guy of my dreams when I was In 8th grade and over the summer we had a fairy tale, freshman year half of it was perfect and amazing. However a girl got in the picture and he secretly talked to her and lied about it. I ended it and a month and a half later they date and I meet someone special then he comes crawling back and yes I'm stupid and take him back. But we break up again cuz he was to controlling and wouldnt even let me wear certain things! and get mad when i talk to his friends. Now it's sophomore year and finding out weed was a problem I don't like the idea of smoking at all. And he said he wants me back and he'll prove he changed but I don't trust him.. And he keeps trying and says he only smoked because we werent together but he did twice. the first time i hinted i wanted him back not to again, and he still did. i just feel so hurt. ive gone thru more than you can imagine with everything in my life. What should I do?
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Jan 8, 2013