Break Up After Being With A Guy For A Year And A Half.

I am currently going through a break up after being with a guy I loved (and still do) for a year and a half. As a commuter of a city school, I felt lonely at one point or another but it didn't bother me after a few months because my relationship made me feel better. Now, however, I'm in a desperate time to make new friends because I lost all of my old friends during the relationship. "Meeting new people" really is easier said than done especially in my school. When I try,conversations never go past school related subjects. Other times, they were just not interested in me (because of the way I look, I presume?). I'm just so sick of everything. I'm a person! I have feelings, secrets, a past. I'm a person who loves, and wants to be loved. Why is life, love, people, and college so dehumanizing?
anni72 anni72
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013