Too Far Away To Grasp.

It all started one year ago on Christmas Eve. We met through the internet, got to know each other through facebook and webcams. All that changed on not to long ago. I'm still fresh out of the relationship, about 8 days ago she broke my heart. She said "I can't handle the distance between us". I begged her to stay, I told her how much she meant to me. Through out that entire conversation all she said after that was "I need to be alone for a while". Not to long after she found someone new. She had her facebook deactivated, and chose to leave me where I lay. Vulnerable. I pawned it off as mere denial, but my heart urged me to find her. I searched several accounts through facebook, and not to long a search, I had found her again. There I saw her picture, with her new boyfriend. I must have sat there for a good while, bewildered. That was when my glass house cave in and torn me to pieces. She said she loved me, she said she would never leave, she promised. I gathered what strength I had at the time and asked her to friend me..thinking we could still be friends in the end. Wrong I was, in truth I've never felt worse. Every time I sent her a message I would get ill to my stomach, I would shake, often having to bring my knees to my chest for comfort. But I had promised her three things, two of which are broken. But now at least I fulfilled my last promise. I had made her happy in the end.
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Jan 13, 2013