Why are SOME men idiots can't realize they had one of the best woman out there who give up anything to be with them. Most of them realize when we are gone for good along with our feelings...When do men realize this??? In a month a year??Do the ever try to get her back?? Or give u a honest apology??? Do men have delayed emotions.. Who deals better with break ups dumper or dumpee?? Do the both go through emotions after ending a long term relationship??
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Both sides go through emotions after. Men have false pride,which means it may take years for an apology or maybe never,but whatever the case,he will feel guilt,sad and angry eventually.be strong,someone will come along and change your world.

He shows a lot of anger towards me and rejection when I did nothing wrong

Works both ways

Lol idk about other men but I've beem searching for a good women for like the longest so if they don't cherish it they're real stupid. Lol unfortunately some of the girls I attracred were childish and don't know what thay want. Lol sorry if I offended you bte. : )

No he was childish

Yeah some people just don't what they want or had, til they lose it, be it man or women lol. It's about maturity. : )

All I wanted was to be loved just as much as I loved him he did nothing for me but idk there something about him

Yeah I feel you, all I wanted was love, but I guess it didn't really mean much to her, well I'm kinda just friends with her now. I hate ending relationships on bad vibes, I mean if I loved her while I was with her no reason to hate her because we didn't work out, so I decided to be friends, and be cool.

I have endless reason to hate him but I can't 7yrs of my life were spent with him even though he wasn't always a jerk

Oh I see , I guess it's hard for you, I've only been with her for a month and got so attached and hurt when ahe broke up with me. Can't even imagine how it would've felt if it was 7yrs. Well don't give up hope. I hope you find someone better. : )

It hurts because he never will realize how good he had it ... I gave him the purest love out there was his right hand in everything bailed his butt every time..gave him everything I forgave him but he didn't want to work things out he cut me out of his life completely

Damn, honestly if only I could find a woman like that I wouldn't ever let her go. But ay I guess it's just me, I learned to never take anything for granted no matter how big or small it is. : )

He took it for granted I feel like total idiot because I help through college he has his career and things because of me

Wow sounds like you invested a lot of time and effort with him. U do you mind we switch this conversation to the inbox. Msg me if you're interested?

Yea go for it

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Same question except the subject is women :P

Because sometimes we don't appreciate what we have but realize soon and try to make it up ASAP but men idk.

Thats not true my ex fiance decided sleeping with my 2 supposed best friends at the same time in my bed was better then having a home and life with me that choice finalized what we where you cant act like men are pigs an women are not we are both equal its not the sex of a person that determines how we act its our lifestyle choices and actions that determine us men and women alike are in the wrong its likely just bad choice of partner that causes us to hurt