Why Do We Support Breeders?

My neighbor moved up here from Arkansas about 20-years ago. This was solely because Iowa had the best welfare system. Her son has been in and out of PRISON for beating up the white women he breeds with. Her 2 daughters put out kids like rabbits. One had eight kids until one son stabbed the other to death in the heart about 6-year ago. The other daughter dropped kid number 12 into the world less than a year ago . . . and is about to drop number 13 into this world.

What has happened to our society? Where does anybody get off reproducing when they can't afford the kids they already have? In no way is it the fault of the children, but almost all of them have been arrested. Most smoke and drink under age and have no plans for their future. These are the mothers who cost tax-payers THOUSANDS of dollars a month for food stamps and health care. It has to stop but out government doesn't seem to care.

Pretty soon we'll be overpopulated just like China. Too bad our democratic government will prevent any form of population control. This just makes me sick.

toddyallen333 toddyallen333
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

This story isn't just about overpopulation and it's quite obvious what your REAL problem is.

Not to mention the Duggars... someone please put some chlorine in the gene pool to wipe out those algae.

The Duggars aren't on welfare.