I Don't Know How To Get Him To Understand

He says that I wan't him to deal with my faults. He doesn't deal with anything. He ran off and cheated on me multiple times. But claims he is dealing with me. I am the one dealing. I am the one who gets left alone so he can go and "clear his head" and go to the bar. He doesn't drink its the activities and people he likes. I am so tired of this. I try to tell him how I feel and he tells me I am being selfish. I tell him I expect his respect and he devotion after all he says he loves me, he says I expect to much. I tell him that I am in counseling so I can deal with my issues but he doesn't think that he has any so he won't come. I can't safely tell him that he is ripping my heart out. I can't tell him that I need his support. He says all that needing support and having emotions and feelings is "B**** S***"

I am tired. I love him but part of me really just wants to give up.
SoAloneNext2You SoAloneNext2You
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Hey there, I know what your going through and it hurts to know that someone you love acts like they don't give a toss. Be strong and always know your self worth, wouldn't you want a man that you can just pour your heart out to, instead of holding back your feelings and emotions? Let him know your wants and needs, if he can't pull through, show him the door. Otherwise you will be wasting your time, energy and love on someone who loves himself when someone out there is deserving of it. Take care:)