Broken Promises

Promises and empty words are the worst. Only responsible people are able to keep their word. When we break promises a person who trusted us feels really disappointed . This situation can even destroy our frendship / relationship. WE SHOULD THINK BEFORE WE PROMISE .. !!! Broken promises bring the pain.
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Greg ...his parents emigrated from Poland in the 60s, and he came to Australia about six years ago.

I have a polish friend here in australia

what is her/his name?

What language are they in ?


What books have you found helpful ?

do you want titles of books ? If yes I affraid I won't help you 'cause all of these books aren't in english :-/

Have you ever read a book on the subject of friendship ?

yes and please don't tell me that broken promises are part of our life - I know about it very well .

Lovers ?

I didn't mean lovers :-) I used to call them as false friends.

What happened to lead you to write this ?

Lots of people around me broke many promises but they never cared that it may be very painful for another person. I wrote it to show that we can't rely on people who aren't able to keep their word