How Did This Happen

This video may not be for everyone, it shows the removal of a bug from a man's ear.

This is the type of hijinks bugs are always pulling and then they wonder why we hate them.
The bug in the video made his home in an EAR and has the nerve to look indignant upon being evicted? What is this world coming to?

Anyone who can tell me what type of bug that is gets a gold star. (it isn't a earwig I already checked)

I researched the hell outta this and it wasn't caused by feminism.
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A lil beetle got in my grandmothers ear.. it was very traumatic for her.

why is this video called "GIGGLE IN THE EAR"

Sure looks like a cricket. (I just scratched my ear with my little finger, may be checking frequently today!) I thought there was a bug in my phone once, turned out I was just paranoid.

Bug hate, not feminist hate. Got it. ;)

bugs are out of control... they are invading our ears now!!! when does it stop? when do these bugs take responsibility for their behavior?

My only question is why did the doctor hold it by the dudes earlobe so it could grab on? And what kind of drugs did they have that dude on that he wasn't freaking out about any of this?

likely no drugs... he was likely just relieved to get the thing out!!!

Oh my fukkin gawd!!!!! I couldnt look away......

That bug is out of control !

. D: me no likey! did you see how it fought to stay in there? omg....

these bugs need to start following some rules.

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Good thing I have alot of ear wax to prevent entry. O.o