I hate all types of bullies in general.  They have nothing better to do with their time and they prey on the weak.  They are the one's who are weak and they act macho to seem tough.  They need a life. 

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i got an *** hole neighbor who only bullies me and my mom just be cause he "owns" the road and think hes got a million dollar sports car when in fact its just an old,badly designed sentra.AND whenever my dad and/or my brother-in-law is around he shuts up and stoops down like the hypocrite he is

LOL ... some people huh? Some think they are all that and in the end they are big zero's.

I "LOL" cause I liked your last line ... he shuts up and stoops down like the hypocrite he is. Its not funny but I pictured you saying it...it made me laugh. Don't take it personally!

thanks for the care dude,and best wishes to you if there are people near your place whos like my ****** neighbor

quietguy23: I'm sorry about the bullying. Some people are just like that, they are unhappy with themselves and they do wrong to others for selfishness reasons. The bullying isn't your fault and it is not because as you say, you are a loser and ugly...that isn't true. Bullying as nothing to do with that, we are all unique... he's the one with the problem and he is ugly and a loser for doing this to you. The guy that started and put your so-called friends against you, one way or another, it will catch up to him. Like the saying goes: "Spit in the air and it will come back clashing on your face'. This guy must've started a rumor and as we all know rumors travel fast and people believe it when sometimes it isn't true and it is just gossip for the bully to look good. Don't pay attention to all the negativity cause you know who you are. You are better and smarter than him. Continue doing what you like, sport, etc. And as per your so-called friend. They are not your friends after all and never have been as they turned their back on you. Sorry for being straight foward but this is how it is. You'll meet others who will value your friendship and for the person as you are. And about Facebook, I don't understand why you still have them on your profile when they aren't part of your life any longer. Looking at their pics makes you more depressed and all. If I were you, I would delete them or just don't go on their page, leave it at that. <br />
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You are still young and things can and will change for the better. Good luck to you!

Well done Michelle, - we need to fight the bullies. Nearly everyone I have spoken to since my bad experience (which made me very ill by the way) either knows someone who has been bullied at work or have been bullied themselves. It's about time something was done about it and myself and another friend who's been bullied at work are hoping to campaign when we get the time.

I'm glad you laughed in her face and she lost her position...Good job Mich. Standing ovation to you. :)<br />
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Bullies is serious stuff and very damaging and unfortunately, it can destroy someone's life. Yeah, it would be pretty cool to send all of them to a private island and they can beat up on themselves for being such cowards. Thanks for commenting Sophie.

Very true CouldaShoulda.....they know exactly what they're doing and who to pick on.....can't show them your wicknesses.<br />
Hey Michelle, must have felt really good when you saw that she lost her position , huh...that's exactly what she diverse for treating you and others poorly like that. Personnally I can stand them either, they can destroy someone's life pretty easily and they don't even care.<br />
you're Calla, they do need a life!...we should send them on another planet...the whole bunch!lol...would be pretty funny to see all them all together..

CouldaShoulda: Sad isn't it? Thanks for your comment.<br />
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Tibicina: I am sorry you experienced being bullied and that you lost your job due to it. Hugs. That is a great strategy about laughing in their face eventhough it hurts inside. I heard this one before and it does aggravate the abusers. Thanks for commenting.

After being bullied at work for nearly 2 years and losing my job because of them I have learnt not to let potential bullies see I am weak. I will laugh in their faces even if I am crying inside. I will not give them the satisfaction or feeling of power that they get from their twisted pleasure at causing pain. And if I see it happening again (and I know the warning signs now) I will be documenting EVERYTHING, and making use of witnesses.