Racist Bullies

They're not just any bullies, but a racist bullies. My skin color and eyes may be different, or sometimes the way we speak. But clearly, I can speak the native language without a floss, and I have been living in this country my entire existence. It's hard enough to live in a place where you are always identified with your culture, origin or your appearance. Worst part is, when they endlessly talk sh*t, mock you and make you feel that you were never part of their country. That you'll always be a stranger to their land. I mean, come on! it's 2012 and your mentally is still stuck in the ancient era. Grow up people! Maybe if you'll just mind your own business, then maybe, just maybe you'll have or be whatever it is that you are b*tching about, instead of making us feel bad, and bullying us around because of our race.

Just because it is your territory that you'll get to be a bully around!
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That's why I hated history class, it's vicious cycle that keeps on invoking hate. We're out of the old ages, we're out of the middle ages, we're in the golden ages of 2012 and people need to start acting like it. Those people need to be arrested.

While this is a specific kind of bullying (ba<x>sed on color), it is still an old pattern - picking on people because they are somehow perceived as "different". Many people (myself included) have been bullied because of their appearance. You can read my story (Do We Not Bleed?) if you want to know my opinion on why people act this way. In any case, know that you are not alone.<br />
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"I wish they would only take me as I am." ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Thanks! Read your story. I totally agree with you. But in our case, I'm not really sure if their actions were just due to lack of self-esteem, pretty sure they have plenty of that. I think it's more on the pleasure side of just bullying, the fun and thrill they get while they wait for you to react and see how helpless you are...I know that I am not alone. Bullies are everywhere, and others are experiencing worst. I have learned in time to ignore them, but sometimes they are going way over board and that's when bad thoughts starts to kicked in.

I hear you. It's hard not hate these people. Even worse though, is believing them...