All Bullies Are Cowards!

Hate might be a little too strong of a term for the way I feel about these cowards. They are ALL cowards too... Trust me, they run away like scared chickens when you confront them with their own stupidity....even when they happen to be trying to accuse YOU of being the dumb one.. I try to never waste strong emotions on losers but I for one, do think it's a good idea to bring them out into the light to analyze, evaluate and discuss their sick  actions.  Maybe they'll learn they aren't as clever as they sometimes think they are....

I went thru a situation with one yesterday.  A person who I have had blocked for month for writing an insult to me in one of my stories.  She decided she would try her hand at being a bully with me.  She asked this question in Q & A's:

The question seems to be gone now. Whether she has crawled back under her bridge and deleted it or the site pulled it for naming me.... who knows...But in this question she accused me of being stupid for being happy and using friendly words to others....Now, if that is the worst I ever get accused of in life I'll be darn lucky but she didn't do it in a funny way.....She was being a bully and it sort of blew up in her face.  I know some folks say, "ignore it" I did for almost 2 weeks......Sometimes ignoring the nutcases in here leads them to believe  they can do this sort of stuff and it has the effect they want, that being... to hurt someone....NOT the case here.  I don't get hurt from people I wouldn't touch with a 10 ft. pole in real time and avoid like plague online but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let my name get dragged through her dysfunctional swamp either.... 

I wont use her name here because that is against ep's rules but if you want to know, pm me and I'll tell you.  This isn't gossiping....I'm saying it right out plain as day....If somebody screws around with me... I'll be honest with others about it.....  If ya don't want me telling others you're a crazy ***** then don't bug me with "crazy *****" nonsense and ya got nothin to worry about! 

I NEVER run around and target anyone....I keep to my buddies and that keeps me plenty busy....If I don't like something I'm reading I move to something I do....I never go looking for trouble but when in knocks on my door I'm not shy about saying my piece about the situation and the person behind it.  If they happen to be a friend of one of my other buddies and that buddy wants to leave,  I say fine to that too....Folks have choices and I respect them.... 

I genuinely care about my friends in here but I'm never upset when a person tells me I'm not a good fit for them.  I appreciate it..cause right next to bullies and nutcases... I dislike fakes and liars who only want to use you for some silly agenda they have in mind.  I come here to read, learn and have some naughty fun with my own hubs and share it with anyone else who feels like reading it....I don't go around fanning a ton of folks for the sake of numbers.  I  totally ignore any requests for adds I get if the person doesn't make any attempts to talk to me in stories or pm too... I could care less about having tons of folks in my circle.  I'd rather have a few real folks who offer something good and fun to the time I spend here....

Hopefully this story will explain what is going on to other buddies who aren't quite sure of, what is what.  I have an inbox full of questions and hubs had a bunch this morning too so I am writing my thoughts to clear some of it up.  This isn't about creating drama it's more about clearing some up. I don't feel I have to explain anything.... I WANT to because  the sooner we hold these folks accountable for their mean ways the sooner they can crawl off and know we can't be bullied. 

This person asked OTHERS why I use the words "ROCKING and AWESOME"  If she wanted to know.. she could have dropped me a line and I would have happily explained that I never hesitate to tell folks when I think they are doing something good...The world dumps more then enough crap on all of us and I know that on some down days a nice person would come along with some nice words and it helped me feel better so I'm just "paying those kindnesses forward" and trying to return some good words and thoughts to others..... No biggy there.  This person then went on to say she thought I was "soft in the head"  That's fine too but folks need to be careful about throwing rocks at others when they are standing in a glass house with GIGANTIC cracks in it to start.....Cause in my mind... nothing screams STUPID louder then basing on someone because they're happy!!  Especially when that person has never said BOO to you and even has you blocked!!  Also....How stupid is it to read stuff you don't like in here????  We all have choices... 

That person  just being mean and spiteful...... Picking on me isn't gonna make her life suck any less and it certainly didn't make her look any better in here...Like I said....I ignored it for 2 weeks but a couple of my buddies stumbled on the question and it got  everything going again so I unblocked the person and wandered over and answered her question personally.....A few of my buddies said what was on their mind too and of course hubs went over.....He called her a "feckless hag" among all his other ROCKIN thoughts and I gotta admit I LOVE that term cause no matter how nice looking a person is....being a hateful bully makes them a HAG and nothing is more feckless then  hating on someone for being happy..... So that just totally fit.....It was....dare I say it.....TOTALLY FLIPPIN AWESOME!!   

I also reassured her that I would never use my "happy words" to describe her cause they simply did not fit!

Anyways....that's it in a nutshell.... Just another day on ep for me....  But here I am and here I'll stay.....cause haters will NEVER chase me off....I click an icon and they don't even exist but while I am here...I'm not letting them  have their dysfunctional fixes at my expense without me sharing my thought about THEM too....  Ya gotta remember I was raised with a dangerous psycho sister and SURVIVED!!  Silly haters got NOTHIN on that!! 

The BEST part of this crap is that every time one of these nutcases launches an attack on me.... I end up meeting some really nice folks!!  So there is a silver lining in even the darker ep clouds I suppose!!  I sorta love Karma!! 

Now, I've been thru dealings with a number of haters and crazies in the past and they always end up deleting most of their offensive crap and either blocking me, which I LOVE... cause it always gives me hope they'll crawl off in some dark corner and leave me alone, or they leave the site or just jump to a new account and steer clear of me.  One of the reasons for this is because I don't fall over and cry when they get going....Nope I don't....I might be a cheerful person and I totally own up to being my hubs lil subby-girl but I don't go all "belly-up" for NOBODY but HIM!!  I bite back when I need too and sometimes I bite back just cause I damn straight feel like it in some situations like this one.....

I think more folks need to "out" these idiots who TOTALLY get off on trying to hurt others....
But even if no one else ever does this.... it's the way I run my time here so maybe haters and looney-tune folks need to just avoid me.....  That is my ROCKIN AND SUPER TOTALLY AWESOME wish for today!! 

Hugs and MORE hugs and sincere thanks to all my AWESOME  buddies for all the support too....That means a lot to me....
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<p>&nbsp;<p>yea there is a guy here on e/p who is bullying me and my friends in my circle.. he is now trying to make out like it was me and my friends who stalked him and battered him with insults.<br />
<br />
he has tried to hide, changing his profile pic, name and age. even went as far to update his comments to make them appear less threatn threatening <br />
then changed the town and state he lives in </p><p> hiding ? running for cover.<br />
<br />
<br />
he starts out as nice but then if u disagree with him he becomes monster. throws threats at you by way of gun shot. . </p><p>he even wrote one of my pals in my circle to befriend them acting innocent. to get at me by useing them as a go between, since i have blocked him. </p><p>
<br />
he claims to have fought in viet nam.. he stll thinks he is in the killing fields. goes around threating females who disagree with him ...</p><p></p>

I hope you get this situation all resolved. Stuff like this is never fun to go thru. hugs...

iv flagged his comments and wrote e/p many times (about 15 times) and so have others but e/p has done nothing... even though he has threated a friend of mine in my circle ,saying he wanted to shoot her head off ... he has even wrote nearly 4 or more stories with suttle undertones pointing the finger at me...

Aww, I am sorry. I think unless they mention your name the more vague stuff isn't considered. I have found with folks hating on me...that if I write one story to clarify my side to my buddies with questions and then just go on about my happier business in here which is what my hubs and I came on the site to enjoy anyway Eventually the crazy haters wander off. Most are just attention seeking most of the time.... Folks can be real brave behind a keyboard... They think they are clever but most folks see thru them so there isn't really much to worry about and as long as folks keep their personal info out of it the troll an threaten and it is just so much bluster and BS....If it is thought that a troll has access to your whereabouts then a person can contact their lawyer and get help there. I know sites have to hand over info about a person making direct threats... if the law is brought into it and there are lawyers out there who specialize in cyber stuff....

You are Awesome, and you Rock!!........................and I think you should say it, hell scream it.......whenever you want! *hugs*

Aww thanks gf...... hugs and MORE hugs back atcha!!... :D I will always tell folks when I think they are TOTALLY FLIPPIN AWESOOOOOOOOMMMMEEEEEE :D If the grumps in here don't get why......too bad! let them go frown and pout about it somewhere else!!

Always remember--my love.
Those who elect to dwell within the castles of--
dubious intent--
inside their own minds--
are characteristically and ethically--
in reality.
I wholeheartedly agree--my love
it is time--
once more--
to move onto more cheerful topics. ;-)

I love the way you put that and it makes perfect sense to me too....A good thing to keep in mind in not letting any of the, "3F-er's" get too deeply stuck under the skin...
3F-er's..aka... Feckless, Foppish, Fucktards!! :D Cheerful stuff ROCKS!! :D

wow looking may i post that to my w/b love what you wrote

Thank you kindly gypsyblu. Please feel free to use the words as you see fit.

No. 1: You are awesome. No. 2: You are a very good person. No.3: I'd put my money on you over anyone who tangles with you because you are smart and tough.

Aww thanks and hugs Stoner......Your opinion means a lot to me...... :)

Bravo--my love--Bravo!
I do so support your offering this compilation of thought.
I am indeed proud of your ability to stand firm--
in view of the standards you set for yourself--
be it on or offline.
Never silently tolerate--
the vile and toxic prattle--
the festering boils on societies *** would fling at you.

This is where you display your own highly Dominant traits. ;-)
I utterly approve and applaud you--my love.

As regards Cheezitz--
and her glaringly obvious--
overwrought--hyperbolic and sorely contrived episode--
Of course--
this is indeed--
the falsehood producing feline--
you so wisely dismissed some weeks back.
with her usual snide--
yet poorly constructed attempt at superior posturing--
that translates to nothing more--
then a desperate and rather boorish--
grasping for convoluted and highly distorted straws--
While further maiming her already exceeding thin ice--
with the few who still tolerate her--
via their kindness--
coupled with a generous portion of pity.

My Inbox was also supplied with some very astute thoughts on this.
I would like to thank those persons.

I also wish to thank the many fine individuals who openly supported Sie in this.
As always--
you have my sincere appreciation--
as well as great admiration--
for also standing against this noxious and vile trend of--
inexcusable behavior.
It is because of you--
that we remain.
You represent the best of what a social network of this sort offers.

It is impossible to avoid all the convoluted ********--
that people a site of this nature.
Yet it is quite possible to inform them--
that they are neither as clever nor convincing--
as they would chose to believe.

Once the disease is identified--
treatment may then be administered.
I hold a posting of this nature--
to be a very apt way of locating--
the cancerous beings--
who infect our society.

Again Sie--Bravo--my love.

Wow K...just wow..... You totally summed this up and I gotta be honest rough guy...I am now taking notes!! So far I got: feckless hag, boorish fop &amp; foppish boor.....I LOVE variety!! Then we have the festering boils on humanities ***..... I wouldn't toss them around in here....unless the feckless and foppish should return but they will be AWESOME to use in writing class!! I see an A on my horizon!! :D That wasn't meant to be all drama ridden and holier then thou either...just the TOTALLY ROCKIN truth!! :D I crack myself right up even in the midst of crazy crap like this!! Ya gotta keep your grins and giggles close at hand...especially in times like this.....Once the dust settles you can TOTALLY begin to find the humor in it...

In all seriousness.....You always nail stuff right down and you did with this too....These people become the very WORST part of their own lives and while I can rant one day and be back to giggles and fun the next they are stuck with being who they are.....That is a way worse punishment for them then anyone else could hand them.....Having to wake up every morning and cook up new batches of lies to tell or hate to sling at happy folks sucks more then I can even imagine....I am well past being ticked about any of this.

I might need to thank LiarKat for that one....When I realized she was still so intent and seething on something so distant and really unimportant... in the grand scheme of things and STILL cooking up BIG lies about it to pedal, it brought the whole thing into better focus for me...I mean NOTHING to her or have any hand in her life, not here and not in real time, never did....We were wayyyy less then anything I would call friendship... I quietly walked away...Big Deal!! I then privately told her why when she contacted ME..... She spun it totally out of control and is still busy spinning it....when there is honestly nothing to spin accept what she has made up in her own mind. She wastes valuable time... for MONTHS waiting to say mean things to me ???? Then she wastes MORE time and energy creating fake accounts to read our stuff... just so she can torture herself and keep fanning her own hate filled heart.... She admitted to this all right here for all to read.... I just can't find it in me to be angry with something so sad and pathetic.....I still don't want a thing to do with her, but I can't be's just too sad to live like her and be such a mess with such twisted ways......

Thanks for being proud too rough guy. If I can get up each morning knowing you, my family and those who I am close too feel this way... I am all good with it and that totally blots out any long term issues I have with the foppish and feckless who wander around spreading their boil pus, that they generate from being a festering boil on humanities ***.....* ya just knew I'd have to use them eventually!!* :D

I also want to thank all my buddies for the their support, kind words, thoughts and smart, smart words in here and in pm's.... Hubs is soooo right.....YOU are the TOTALLY ROCKIN AND AWESOME folks who make ep a place we enjoy and come back too.....

Now...I think it is High time to switch gears and write something cheerful and HAPPY!! It is almost CHRISTMAS and Santa doesn't like frowny-girls and boys soooooo MOVING ON!! :D I saw the cutest thing when I was dropping a package off to be mailed this morning......This might just shift us all back to a better place and wayyyyy bigger smiles!!

This guy with major tattoos, shaved head, black eyeliner and a totally cool skull ring was helping the cutest little blue haired lady out of a car and letting her hold his arm as he walked her into a local business....I swear if I could have gotten permission to take a picture of them I would have turned it into a BIG picture and framed it!! It just warmed my heart and made me want to smile and hug them both.....Generations don't always collide....sometimes they blend in the very sweetest ways...... They totally defined the Magic of the holiday season for me....

I might just copy this and make it its own story......Those two were totally worth it!! ♥

the way you 2 communicate always leaves me in awe. K you are one impressive gentleman. sierra, you are a cuddly angel with heart and brains. together you are what a healthy and loving relationship should be, you are both my role models for who i'd like to be like and who i would like to find for a long term relationship. your new story is precious i admire the way you changed tracks.

Thank you kindly Tammy. I have perused a number of exchanges between yourself and Sie and feel you have a sound head on your shoulders and will enjoy great success in growing into the personality traits you seek and finding same said traits in others.

awwwww I missed this when I was in this morning Tam..... Thanks and hugs....I agree with K got it TOTALLY going on and will do AWESOME!!

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Aww thanks so much RR and Affinity.... hugs and hugs to both of you....Looks like the cheezOne has me blocked now and I could post a reply!!

I too am so very glad you took the itime to put whoever that is in their place.You are so very correct in saying once you stand up to a bully they back down turn tail and run and hide.

Just keep being the AWESOME ROCKIN woman with the kick *** uterus, and to hell with those who want to start their crap for the attention. I for one think you both are Awesomely amazing

Aww thanks jacee....tight hugs... ♥

sierra33 you are the most kind person i have ever met. you have heard my story and never have judged me. you have helped me as your husband has helped my Master. this person who writes such evil words in question wants to have what you have but is not willing to give what you give. it is wise to stand up for your good soul. the other person who is troll is also evil person who hates you because they will never be as you are. both will live cursed lives because they breed it for themself. you will alway have good fortune because that is what you breed with your kind soul and goodness. i think you write those words of awesome and rocking because they are what you are my dear friend. may blessings keep you safe from these evil persons who attack you.

Aww niki.....thanks soooooo much for saying this. You are a doll and don't you ever forget it. There was NOTHING to judge harshly about you. You're a total lil survior and it's ME who is lucky to know someone like you and your master. These hateful kooks run in cycles in here.... They tire out eventually slither back to their holes The Cheezit aka Crazy-liar-Kat person is so lost in her fictions and pure bullshit that she doesn't have a flippin clue as to how bad she made herself look with this.

well ain't you just kickin some nasty ***! you go baby girl! take no prisoners and spare no troublemaking asswipe your wrath or truth. i support *** kicking on venomous worms with no life and less personality. im so proud of you im gonna kick back and toast you with my fancy bottle of wine. heres to you spunky munkey! k is gona love this! congrats on that tuff as nails uterus to. :0] i always knew you had this in you. im just glad to see it shining right beside that angel glow you cart around with you.

Yup!! I totally dove into the icky end of the ep-pond this time. but I'm glad I did....If I got nothin else going for me, I got my ability to clearly state my truth, but only as it pertains to me..... Thanks for toasting me with your fancy wine too.....I hope you saved some for me...I got a feeling a drink would come in handy!! :D I totally hold up my halo with horns!! :D Thanks a TON rough girl..... ♥

sie you are one of the nicest most considerate people on this websight. the jealous monsters will always hate you for being so nice and having so many friends. you make everyone feel like an equal and you never hesitate to shower us all with kindness and encouragement. i like the fact that you are standing up for yourself. k is going to be so proud of you, i know i am. you ROCK!

thanks tammy.....hugs.... ♥

You are correct that some bullies can be ignored while you need to stand up to others. I also agree that most bullies are cowards. The others are just evil.

If you would care to read my contribution to this group, please see the following...

Thanks sciguy....I will totally read your thoughts on this once I get the dust settled from my own bully stampede!. thanks for the link. :)

Well guys this has been a hoot today but I gotta go home to my "holier then thou" house, life and lets NOT forget my HOTTER then lava hubs!! :D Don't be surprised if ole Petitemind doesn't make up 20 more accounts to bash on me with in here....I will delete them all in the morning....It'll give her something to do at any rate and in that.....I feel like I am almost offering a "holier then thou" community service....If she's bashing on me she's leaving someone else alone. So I will prance my Drama Queen lil self right on out now and leave the rest of you with some TOTALLY FLIPPIN AWESOME HUGS!! You guys TOTALLY rock.......
all but you petitehead and...all your lil fake sock puppets too..... :D I TOTALLY PROMISED I would never direct those words at you cause they just don't fit and by George...I'm good with holding up my end of a promise...

I'm really glad that you have not allowed people like her to run you off of here, because you do help in keeping this a positive place for others. Even your stories that touch on a negative aspect in your life, you still put a positive spin on it. This shows your AWESOME and ROCKING great personality and good attitude about life in general.

Aww thanks affinity....hugs and hugs....♥

Thanks soo much CWS, hugs and hugs...your words always mean a lot to me.... ♥ Folks are real brave when they spend time typing lies and hate on a keyboard....What a sucky way to live...

Aww how cute...I just checked out CheesItz profile and wouldn't ya know it.....He just joined today!!! Hi petitec..How's it goin? Gotta love the way cowards operate!!! This is the best laugh of my day...... Thanks sooo much for proving my point about bullies being cowards too.....

Yup. It's a troll account. But it's not who you think. I've wanted to say something to you about your behavior for months. When I saw this story on my feed today, I just had enough. Am I a coward? I'm not sure. I know that you're not worth the drama. So, I created this troll account so as to not pollute my own. Just for you. Don't worry, the admins will kill it as soon as it gets flagged.

Do you know me? A bit. We haven't interacted in months. I get tired of seeing your crap in my feed and I usually do a better job at ignoring you. But I'm in a bad mood today. My apologies.

I promise. This one is my last comment.

Sureee, if you aren't petitec then you're another miserable hag with a losey attitude I got rid of but just in case you were thoughtful enough to dump me first..Thanks!! You totally saved me the effort cause your words and troll account totally proved out my original point....and that makes YOU not the sort of person I would want to bother with.....Maybe you should hop on over and Fan petite!! You two would be TOTALLY FLIPPIN AWESOME together!! I love to play matchmaker with folks who are so much alike!! :D

sie cheezit is none other then a lieing cat you kicked to the curb. it is a shame she can't remember to hide her fake way of trying to be glibe and superior. such a hypocrite she is to. she lives to pick on people. its why she hates you. your the exact opposite of her. i hope you let k read this and see what he thinks. i will make a copy and send it to him just in case she tries to delete it. from what i hear she is good at admitting what a liar she is then deleting it and crying fake tears about others not knowing the whole story.

looks like the cheesyKat got herself busted. for somebody who lies as much as her youd think shed improve on the technique. talk about drama that beyotch got her picture in Webster's next to the word. she had to make a troll account because cc got her *** blocked. this is more entertaining then questions tonight. too bad i got to go and toast my baby girl cc and her standing up to these snakes. cheers dollface!

Tammy, I got a whole darn inbox chock full of a whole lot of folks who totally agree with you on this!! It didn't occur to me yesterday but I have some awesomely smart buddies who are as good as hubs is at picking out how certain people write and I'll be darned...I see it now too!! I am sorry I accused the petitehater of it...What she did with the question was nasty enough but nobody needs to be blamed for something they didn't do...Thanks for sending me all that other stuff too. She should wander off and find her own human decency!! She loves to accuse others of just what she does herself .....A lil transference goin on in her thinks. That sleazy superior tone was a dead giveaway in her first post as cheezyliarcat and the fact she dragged her pushy liars butt into this thread when it had NOTHING to do her is a sure way for her to finish committing official here...I bet she has another big ole excuse all worked out tho.... :D they always do!'d think she'd get better at it huh? Maybe she tells so many lies she forgets the truth...Like how I very quietly backed away from her when she first announced she'd lied about everything in the beginning. I would have never said Boo to her again if she hadn't pulled the old "let me slither my way back into your good graces" with a lame note to me and then I honestly told her.... still very privately why I didn't want to bother with her. I have stated very clearly that I don't deal with liars....It's nothing I keep a secret! Then SHE posted some big rant about people NOT knowing her whole story....I ask....How the crap can we when she LIES like a rug in front of a flippin fire!! Why would I even want to hear it? Nothing she says is believable anymore! I wrote a few paragraphs to explain what was up at the tail end of another post and that was that... Then I blocked her and never said another word to her....she continued to rip me up the back but I could care less....I feel good that some folks hate me in here! Last I heard she was hating on another girl but she must be trying to get some diversity in her hateful sprees! Total nutcase who is the only one who believes the lying words that comes off her keyboard anymore....

they blame the others to make it look like you are the one who started the bulling not them its called " REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY' old mind game from way back

Yup...That is EXACTLY what they do...... They think folks don't see what they are up to either but while they are dreaming up new ways to lie and try and fool folks most people are laughing at their predictable and really transparent nonsense...

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Have you considered the possibility that you may be one of the site's great drama queens? Frankly, many folks have had situations like the one you've described, IN PAINFUL DETAIL, above. And yet, they cope without having to draw attention to themselves.

I'm not trying to be difficult or challenging, but I guess it'll be someone's prerogative to call me a bully, despite the fact that this will likely be my only post on the matter. I am merely trying to point out that you have frequently complained about EP drama, and yet you contribute to it. You over-react and take people's comments out of context.

I suspect that the person who posted the offending question has their own issues. But I also suspect that they are tired of your holier-than-thou attitude.

Now, be a good girl and delete this comment as soon as you read it, that way no one will see it...

Chezz...saying your not trying to be difficult is passive aggressive nonsense as far as I'm concerned..... What others do and say when faced with such issues is their own concern and not mine.....I don't ever feel the need to copy what others do.....

If you feel I am a "drama queen" that's fine. It's NOT my opinion but I wouldn't bother trying to change yours.

I'll leave your comment right here so folks can see how foolish you are too....You're NOT a bully just a big mouthed moron who has nothing better to do then try to pick a fight with a person on their own thread....If that is a "holier then thou" attitude... then chew on it and choke loser...Remember..YOU came to MY thread and NOT the other way around.....

I've read most of what Sierra has written and communicated through private mail here on EP with her. I see no area where she has had a holier than though attitude. If anything, she's been kind and supportive to others. I've never felt a 'better than' attitude from Sierra. If that were the case, she would be posting all sorts of negative judgmental stuff on peoples feeds and I've never seen such a thing with Sierra....that is unless she is provoked, which is completely understandable. I suspect that Sierra is typically the sort that in most cases does not say anything if she can not come up with something positive to say.

meow whats the matter hypocriteKat did you runout of lies to spread about another popular woman in here. you are the pathetic drama queen and to make it worse your a bold face liar. you even admitted to being a liar and just because you deleted the admission doesn't mean anyone forgot it. people know what you are about in here.

Chezz... Not once have I ever seen a "holier than thou" attitude from Sierra. Not ONCE. She regularly puts up with women hitting on her husband (and creating fake accounts to do so) while they are cruel to her because of how happy she is. Jealousy is ugly and Sierra gets in in spades yet treats everyone with kindness and consideration.

Thanks for stopping by to be negative, though...

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You provide me with a mirror for how I react to people being happy. It would be nice to strangle that envious infant and concentrate on my happiness. Thank you for your viewpoint. Sometimes when one hurts it is so easy to lash out.

thanks for that perspective GTR....

I think awesomeness is rocking. I could say more but when it comes right down to it that's what really counts. Keep rockin, Awesome Dancing Ninja lady.


Aww thanks and hugs to my MOST very favorite... Poetic-Hiker-SnowDog-Guy!!

Ah yes, SIerra.... I was wondering when Mrs./Ms. Envy would next pull up a chair to you…

I am genuinely sorry that your kindness and enthusiasm brings out the worst in some. On one hand, you want to feel compassion, yet on the other it is frustrating to have to deal with such garbage.

You handle it well and you are like a beam of light. Shine on, Si....

RR..... Aww thanks and hugs...♥ She pulled up her chair up.. but I don't think it was any too comfy for her. I honestly think I have handled enough of this crap to know when to ignore it and when to bite back....Sadly.... I have found that biting back works wayyyy better sometimes! :D

There is so much stupid drama in here I feel not one lick of guilt for explaining what I am going thru... I am losing a lot of the compassion for some I came on the site with. I think hubs might be rubbin off on more ways the one!! :D

The other rubs are wayyy more fun.. ;) bit learning the skills of using open clarity with reason and a dash of logic... ain't so bad either!! :D

Just scrape off the jealous idiots sierra ... you know it makes sense!!

Yup...she's all scraped....She was actually "scraped" before she wrote the question...sometimes "scaping em off" sets them off even more!! :D

I wrote this for 2 good reasons, #1....It was easier to say it here then try to explain in 30 different pm's and #2... I think it's good to let folks know ...straight off the mark, what I will and will not tolerate.... If folks know I'll come back and call them on their daffy bullshit they sometimes think twice before getting into the mix.

Bullies like to pick on the weaker folks and they need to know I am not in that particular club... Nice is not synonymous with doormat... I may not have "balls of steel" but I got me one tough damn uterus!! :D I just TOTALLY cracked myself up with that one!! :D

ROFL ... tough uterus ... will you be offering womb service? lol ...

I'm thinking about "womb martial arts!" A solid tough "**** kick" might be the answer!! :D I almost spit my gum out laughing at this one!!

bullies also like to pick on people who stand strong .it appears many men bully on women here on e/p, hate on the ones who are independent, strong willed,
have a strong voice of thier own, they dont like that since it makes them feel in they lash out.

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I am glad to see you sticking up for your self. We need more people like you. Those people find it so much easier to find some one else to carry their own crap for them. The problem is if we do carry their crap for them, we end up owning it ourselves and they go scott free! Not very fair, but that is the way it works. Keep your head on strait and put the accountability where it belongs.

Aww thanks dirtfarmer....I agree. Internalizing stuff like this or just plain, "sucking it up in silence" to keep the peace and not ruffle ep-feathers is a big waste of my time and doesn't do ANYONE a bit of good.....I have never had any qualms with standing on my own 2 feet and speaking my piece when others come at me with their misguided anger.

I never look for agreement or permission either.... I walk my own way and on my own path and it's always worked really well for me.... I like who I am and how I handle things and deal well with whatever consequences come my way! :)

good for you Sierra . . . I love it when folks stand up to bullies and haters . . . as do I . . . I just don't have the patience for them . . . a quick cut to the throat with a sharper tongue and walk away to leave them in there own pool of negativity . . . thank you Sie for this very inspirational post . . . and thanx for being the happy positive person that you are . . . need more of that here for sure . . .

aww thanks and hugs mm....That is hubs motto too.... Go in and verbally cut them down with truth and leave them to figure out how to scrap the egg off their own damn reputation.... :D He cracks me right up with stuff like this!!

Good to know you don't let them get the best of you either...It doesn't pay to be too accepting or timid on the internet...especially when what is drawing their mean ways is Us being NICE!!

Why waste so much energy on stupid people like her? The world is full of morons! Cyber world all the more! ;-)

ricki..I'm not wasting my I said... MY experience with these people is that they take silence as some sort of sign that their nastiness works....and they just keep going.

I have been thru sooooo much of this and kept quiet about a lot of it too and that just prompts them to keep going. Standing up too them lets them know I don't take a lot of ****....That is all I wanted to do and it made me happy doing it, so none of my time was wasted... I don't think anyone would appreciate having someone trash them publicly in Q &amp; A's and if some don't mind... that's fine by me, that's their business.. but it isn't the way I chose to handle things....

You have a PhD in this Sierra ;-P Sometimes you do need to speak up and call bad behaviour out or it just gets worse. I know you have so much you never even mention, so it's good to clear the air sometimes.

I totally feel like my air is wayyy clearer now....I may not just LOVE confrontation but if it's what is needed and works... I'm not shy with it either...Thanks for understanding me sooo well RR....I TOTALLY appreciate it....♥

MY experience with these people is that they take silence as some sort of sign that their nastiness works....and they just keep going.

gypsy..&gt; ur right thats exactly how they think

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Your positive attitude and kind words always brighten my day.

Aww thanks layne....hugs

Hugs right back at you, Sie...

jeeeeezzz .... I'm the first one to comment on this thread, sie ???? ..... how did I miss all the drama ???

Anyway, I think you are flippin AWESOME and that you ROCK !!!! ..... you spread your joy and good cheer to all those who cross your path ....

As for you "being soft in the head" .... I totally disagree ..... if anything, you are smart, sassy and insightful ...... and soft in the heart .....

I couldn't ask for a better buddy ...... (((hugs)))

Aww thanks and hugs Laffs.... I TOTALLY think you ROCK just like a mountain too! ♥

It wasn't all that dramatic just a few thoughts on my wb and folks commenting on her question...All in all... except for her miserable words it was pretty civil.... I was down right polite and even had 2 of my own buddies tell me I was wayyy TOO nice to her but being needlessly abrasive doesn't solve much either.....Better to just say what is relevant and be done with it..... I'd rather be having FUN anyways!!