I Had Enough.

Im a junior in highschool and in lunch I sit with three of my friends and the rest of my table is filled up with douchy freshmen who are just mean and don't seem to care if they hurt other people. They usually make fun of the lunch monitors and try to take our food. I usually don't get too mad and control my temper which is fairly easy as I have fairly good self control and i'm pretty strong. One day the kid that sits next to me took my slice of pizza when I walked away to get something and put it in my binder. For some reason that really pissed me off and I took the pizza and smacked him across the face with it. It felt awesome and really satisfying then the lunch monitor walked over and I was sure I was going to get detention our something but she looked like she wanted to laugh and gave me an 'i didn't see anything' look and walked away. I realized it was because they make fun of her for being a lunch lady but anyway I could hardly believe I didn't get in trouble. That kid has wisely moved r to a different table and stoped bothering me. Sorry if this was lengthy for such a simple story but I have gotten used to stretching essays out so this has fourteen a bit long but just saying it felt great to embarrass the bully in front of his friends and he didn't try do do anything because i'm bigger and stronger and most billies are cowards anyway
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36-40, M
Dec 8, 2012