My Bully Is a Vapid Idiot

A few weeks ago, I found a girl who bullied me all the way through middle school on classmates.  For some odd reason, I felt compelled to tell her how miserable my life was when I had to attend school with her.  I told her that I missed so much school, because I just didn't want to be in her presence.  I also told her that moving away from the area was one of the best things that ever happened to me, because I was away from her!

After all this, after pouring my guts out and experiencing a catharsis, Kristin B., my bully from middle school, answered back....and guess what?  She did not even remember me.  She had no clue who I was!

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5 Responses May 20, 2007

Yeah, nobody remembers. I went to my HS reunion and some of the people who were the worst to me were most excited and welcoming to see me there.<br />
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This is why you need to forget about it all. It's in the past.<br />
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do the same thing she did to you.... forget her.

the bully remebers. she just wont let you know that. I don't know why exactly. but if you think about would you want to answer for that. ? I find almost all abusive people never own up for it.<br />
Feel better.

Way to go, It's good you got all that bull off your chest. Now walk away from it and never think of her again.

You know what? I have heard MANY bullies reply that way once they are confronted, it reminds me of 2 things; 1. Bullies are essentially COWARDS and 2. selective amnesia allows them to NOT take responsibility. GOOD for you for telling her what she did to you. Even if she doesn't remember ( but i doubt that ) hopefully it might force her to realize that being a bully is NOTHING to be proud of!! WELL DONE!!

Thats kinda sad! That says to me that she probably picked on so many different people that she couldn't keep track of them all! I hate bullies too its still a huge problem in our schools today! People sometimes are not aware that girls are guilty of this behavior just as much as boys. There were girls in my school back in the 80's who were horrible bullies! Can you believe that girls were being that bad and mean that long ago?