Seriously !

As of today on this web site... Over 7 people have addmited to wanting to kill themselves, Because of bullying and abusive relationships... That needs to stop bullies are weak and abusers are criminals...the worst part is nobody cares unless they are pretty or famous.. Which is even more messed up.. It honestly makes me wanna scream when I see that because Society does this and nobody fixes it.. Why isn't there more laws against this or why won't anybody do something more... I sit and wonder how many people must be alone right at this very second with a gun to their head?! And the thing is nobody gives a crap because ... Well I don't even know why !
Everyone who bullies is sick... I know everybody has done it sadly I have (not on purpose) and It killed me inside.
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Jan 20, 2013