The thing I hate the most about bullies is that they pick people for no reason. In Kindergarten, I said Hi to a girl and she told me she didn't like me and never would. She didn't even know who I was. From that day, the first day of school, I was bullied all the way up to 8th grade. I'm known at my school for having gone to the principal the most times. I was sexually harrassed and emotional harrassed and physically harrassed. I did nothing. It didn't help matters that I was smart, a straight-A student, and was in advanced classes. It also didn't help that the teachers liked me (even when I was "bad"). But.. probably the worse part was that I wasn't afraid to fight back. And I don't mean physically... It would just get to a point that I was so fed up.. all my emotions would build up and I'd start shouting at them. As I got older, I wasn't so afraid to talk back. I was used to it. But... still.... I remember always being afraid to get on the bus in the morning. Their fun was to take up all the seats and watch while I tried to find a place to sit. The only places left were with the kid who was a pervert... or with the little kids. I sat with the little kids alot of mornings. I have low self-esteem because of those creeps. Another thing they liked to do when I got on the bus was scream as soon as they saw me. "Halloween's over, take off the mask!" "Your face is scaring me!" "UGLY!!".... There was nothing wrong with my face... except that it was mine.... And when they started making fun of my brother's weight.... I couldn't handle it. I started screaming at them. I don't understand what drove those monsters to be so cruel to me and my brother... And then.. the end of my 8th grade year.. after having my purse stolen three times.. after being called a witch among other names... after losing my only two friends... I had a breakdown in the middle of class after one boy decided to open his mouth and tell me that no one cared about me and no one ever would.... And people wonder why I'm depressed. My Freshman year just ended... it was better.. less bullying.... the one boy who was worse out of them all.. a new high-schooler.. got sent to rehab half-way through.. so he was gone... I'll be entering my Sophomore year in a couple of weeks.... and I really hate bullies... I hope this year the few friends I have will still be my friends... and the people who made me a loser will realize who the real losers are...

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the one sent to rehab,serves him right<br />
<br />
I was also bullied all my life,by bullies of all kinds(except cyber bullies),from my very 1st day of school(in my life) all the way to my junior year,by fellow classmates,the effing basket ball team,the b*tchy cheer leaders,even my heartless ex

I'm sorry to hear that you were bullied, too. I'm in college now. The bullying ended after my car accident halfway through my senior year. And now I'm away from there. I live with the love of my life and I have friends. Real friends who are honest and nice. Friends I love and who always have my back. It's nice to be away from there, and it's nice to actually enjoy life (as much as I can considering my losses).

nice to know your very happy again,i also went away from the school that bullied me up to my 3rd year,now have real friends and a happy high school year for once in my life,now its like a life of peace again

and wait,car accident?ouch

Its nice to hear a story shared from a friend of someone bullied. I never realized it was so easy to tell when someone has been bullied, but now that I think about it, I can see how much I have changed. I mean, to even see a smile on my face is rare. Gee, I feel like I need to call up my best friend and ask her if I've caused her pain just having to see me through it all...

Some people are really really pathetic, the thing is, I was never bullied paticularly at school...there was the usual clashes with a few people but it got sorted, nothing lasting...I moved schools and became friends with someone who had been bullied for years, and it's absolutely horrible seeing how much of an effect it can have. I didn't know them when they were being bullied, but you can tell what it's done to them pretty easily, most of the time they just hate themselves for no apparent reason, and have this misplaced idea that they deserved basically, you don't deserve it, sometimes things happen which shouldn't, but you didn't cause it.

luckgurl777, I appreciate your concern so much, you just don't know. And I thank you so much for everything. But, the bullying really isn't so bad any more. Really, I have little trouble with it now-a-days (mainly because I take classes too advanced for their minds). Either way, I'll be a senior next year and then comes graduation and none of those bullies will make it college probably, and especially not an all girls one! The only girl bully there was is thinking of dropping out anyway. And, I've got my best friend and my teachers. And I've always got my mama. Hell, if she can survive cancer, I can survive bullies! :) But, again, I thank you so much, for everything. And I hope that your life will treat you as deserved, I know you deserve a wonderful life. :)<br />
Love & peace,<br />

I cannot stop thinking about your situation, Poetic. Is there something I can do. This is no way to live. Your mother would probably get more of a response, since she is a tax payer. I would be happy to write a note on behalf of your mother. Maybe you could then send it on her behalf. It might get some attention. On a lighter note, if you want to see what it is like more than 20 years in the future, take a look at a story I wrote: My Bully Is a Vapid Idiot. You wouldn't believe how stupid my former bully is. Things change, and the bullied and geeks end up being the bosses of the perpetrators in the workplace. Life is long, and the world is often fair, if you have the patience to give it a chance to work itself out.

Well, I never really told mom (nevermind dad, he doesn't matter). I kept it to myself. And when I did tell her, I don't think she realized how bad it really was. Besides, my older brother was bullied too and she had to deal with that, as well as my father's **** and their divorce, including her many medical problems. She didn't need anything else on her plate. I love my mom too much to have put that on her. Besides, I went to the prinicipal and superintendent myself... several times. Nothing happened. Nothing ever did. Our school is small and not a very good one. *sigh* Anyway, thank you so much for your comment and your concern. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much and may you have a wonderful day.

What about your parents? Have they intervened? If you were my daughter, I would have nipped it in kindergarten. I probably would have discussed it with the teacher twice, then I would have discussed it with the principal. From there, I would speak in front of the school board. After that, I'd handle it personally with the parents. This is horrible! You don't deserve this! I am so sorry this is happening to you.

LogicLovinMomma, I agree. I had to go to the one principal several times and he did nothing. Or at least didn't improve the situation at all. I'm sorry to hear that you had similar experiences. Hopefully I can someday help those who were in positions such as ours and others.

I hate hearing how you are being treated...Things weren't much better for me when I was in high school...I thing the staff are too scared to do anything to stop the harassment...There are too many restrictions on today's teachers!

chovhani, I know just what you mean. I hate how it is. And hopefully the situation will someday improve.

Schools sit on their arses and do nothing while this goes on. Beats me how the staff can sleep at night.

TheCheese, thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate that more than you will know.

I really don't know why people love to see others in pain. But I do know that every time I turn on the TV or hear others talking about something they love watching it is always something that is humiliating to someone in some way. I feel for you and have been right beside you in so many ways. I really have no words of wisdom to give other than please don't grow up like me believing that you are a worthless human being. **** those people and if it comes down to it kick there ***, people always respect a good *** kicking no matter what side they are on.

Thank you guys, so much! I really appreciate what you said. You just don't know what it means to me to hear such nice words after all that...

It makes me furious that people would treat you like that. How utterly despicable of them. >:[ >:[ >:[<br />
<br />
That sort of behaviour by them is just vile, pathetic and cruel. <br />
<br />
But good on you for standing up for your brother, no matter how you did it. Takes guts, loyalty and bravery to do that. And I truly hope that your Sophomore year will be better.

naw, sweetie, I wish I was there for you so that I could hit every single one of those dastards.