High School

In primary (elementary) school i had plenty friends and i was never on my own at 12 when i moved up to high school for some reason all my friends seemed to drift away, but one girl who had been my friend since we were both 5 stuck by me. Until we stared to socialize with a group of girls, i made friends in this group but one by one i seemed to fall out with them - mainly over silly little things, as kids do, but eventually the whole group turned against me, my long time friend went with them which hurt alot, i used to hide in the toilets at lunch just to get away from the bullies but they would constantly taunt me, i had no one to turn to. The bulling stills continues to this day - im now 19 and go to college... im begining to wonder if its me?

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

its not you,its them,trust me,i had some friends who turned against me before

aww i hate 2 hear this is happening 2 u, i hope things get better 4 u soon. message me if u ever need 2 talk. <br />
best wishes 2 u