I Hate the Bullies

Being gay and having part of my left arm missing, u can imagine the teasing and bullying i have put up with. But im not the 1 with the problem, they r.

LeftHook LeftHook 18-21, M 3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

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To everyone reading this story!

Wednesday February 23, 2010

Is PINK SHIRT DAY throughout the world, and is YOUR opportunity to STAND UP to punks and bullies.

This day has nothing to do with any other agenda but protesting against bullies who hurt and humiliate innocent people of all ages and genders’

I’m man enough to take this stand against bullies and hope that you are too by wearing a pink shirt on Wednesday February 23rd to let the punks and Bullies know that they, not us, are the real “sissies”.

assuming it's the standard stainless steel hook, it would be pretty basic. There is a problem though. Some guys LIKE c.b.t. Getting hoisted with a steel hook in their scrotum just might send them to heaven!

Would the short version of that be that they nastier they are the more they'd like to kneel and **** you?


Homophobes are closet cases scared of themselves.