Never a Problem For Me

I always got along with everyone. But, my son has a bully problem. He is a good kid, gets along well with adults and younger children, but not too well with kids his own age. He has had a bully since 1st grade. We try to tell him not to let them bother him, that his reactions are what feed the bullies.

He is finally starting to stand up for himself, but he has taken being bullied for so long, I don't know how that will go.

purpleriz purpleriz 46-50, F 3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

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To everyone reading this story!

Wednesday February 23, 2010

Is PINK SHIRT DAY throughout the world, and is YOUR opportunity to STAND UP to punks and bullies.

This day has nothing to do with any other agenda but protesting against bullies who hurt and humiliate innocent people of all ages and genders’

I’m man enough to take this stand against bullies and hope that you are too by wearing a pink shirt on Wednesday February 23rd to let the punks and Bullies know that they, not us, are the real “sissies”.

Being short of stature made me a target of bullies too but getting beaten to a pulp when you stand up to them doesn't always stop a bully.

I learned that it was important to make and have real friends who will help you stand up to a bully; Bullies are usually cowards.

i hope standing up 4 himself will make the bullying stop. no 1 deserves 2 b bullied.