Schoolkid Bullies.

I was jolted back to my past today. I was catching the bus home from a maths class and at the back of the bus were a groups of school kids, being typical, obnoxious, mouthy adolescents shouting out the most obscene cusswords as if we couldn't hear them enough. There was another schoolgirl sat on her own and with her head down. I looked on her back and there was a 'post it' note saying 'I like sucking *****', these nasty, vile school bullies were terrorizing her and blantantly put it there. A second later, the ringleader sneaked up behind her and was pretending to say hello to her whilst secretly and quickly placing another 'post it' note and saying to her, 'you okay, you okay' and she just hung her head low. They put tons of them on her. Poor girl, it so reminded her of me when I was at school, a bullies haven. The bully in question knew I was watching her and I gave the most dirty look and she looked quite worried and so she should have. There was no way I was gonna let a little **** like this walk scot free with no guilty concionce. She walked past me when she got off the bus and looked shamed. Bullies suck.


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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I hate seeing things like that, shouldve gone and sat with the girl or something. poor kid.

i totally agree, and the zero-tolerance policy is a joke.

They have to travel in packs otherwise it would be one on one and they wouldn't have anyone else to save their ***. Kids get away with so much.

Yes they do suck...have u ever noticed how most of them travel in packs?