8 Years Is Too Long

I've been bullied and harassed for over 9 years now. My self confidence has be ripped to shreds and its a continuing battle. I've gotten voice mails telling me how ugly I am and how fat I am and what an awful singer. I've also gotten untraceable texts threatening me to either kill myself or have it done for me. I've been told verbally that I'm a pig, that I have no worth, and I have no chance ever being pretty or good at anything so I should just kill myself. I don't know what to do anymore. I. Hate. Bullying.
FreeMyHeart FreeMyHeart
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

This story was sad because nobody knew she was hurting inside because she did not want to tell anybody about it. I was like Amanda Todd because I didn't want to tell my parents what is going on because I don't think they would believe me. These bullies that bully outside of the Internet and on the Internet just love to see people suffer when they are making that person suffer with what they are saying to them. They love the power to destroy people and they love to see people suffer and I would say they are sick in the head too. if they love to see people suffer. They are demented people that enjoys destroying people's lives and they would probably careless, if you.killed yourself over what they did to you because they have no love in their life. Misery loves company. Pray for those who hate you, give your enemies some to drink, give your enemies something to eat abd forgive your enemies too. If you are thinking about killing yourself then please get help and not kill yourself because those bullies are not worth it.