Drama Days!

I often have drama days, not caused by me, but others around me. And I often get sucked in, by some jerk having a bad day and taking it out on the nearest person... which mostly happens to be me. This happens online or offline. :-/

Either way, I try not to get my friends involved! Unless it is something major BAD and I can't seem to hide the fact that something is bothering me. And even then, I feel like I'm wasting their time on bringing bad things into their life, instead of bringing in good news. And then I feel guilty and try to figure out a way to hide the pain better, next time.

I know this is silly. My best pals are there for me always, in good times and bad, I know this! But, that fact makes me want to shield them from the bad times even more. :-/

This annoys people... as I am the type to have my arm cut off, wave the bloody stump and still insist, "I'm okay!"

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Mar 14, 2009