Crazy Bureaucracy

today was good day, my boyfriend had one of his happy days. we celebrated our 8 years jubilee, I don't mind all the comments who say that I am crazy because I am still with him (because he is fithing suicidal depression and anxiety since 7 months). today was a good day we were happy the rest doesn't count.... some times I like the moto: live everyday as it would be your last.... that's what we did today..

well, not completely... this stupid bueraucratic mental hospital did not let him out for more than an hour, just because he was exremly anxious last week, but not today... but they can not change rules on weekends.... stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told them: This is absolutely stupid, the weekend attendant said yes, but she can not changes rules! she is sorry.... yes but she could do a fairer job....  this is all **** if he goes out for longer than on hour they call the police.... hello where are we???????????????????   He is fine....

I really had to calm down myself to make sure not say: "we go out, if you want to call the police the can catch me as well.... , stupid rules, bye". But I prefered not too....

LittleAnt LittleAnt
31-35, F
Sep 6, 2009