The Office Busy Body - Coworkers Who Won't Stop Talking

I used to work in a nice quiet office, until they hired this woman who just won't shut her mouth. She is horrendously loud, screams "GOOD MORNING!" to everyone as they walk in the door, and announces everything people are working on. I just cannot understand why someone would act that way in an obviously low-key office. It’s like she just needs to have attention, and practically begs for it. It’s pretty sad actually. I have a feeling she may be afflicted with ADD and/or Tourettes Sydrome. She cannot sit still at her desk for more than 5 minutes & is constantly shuffling papers around, re-arranging her belongings, or running back and forth to the printer when she could have just printed everything at once. She doesn’t shout out curse words randomly, but does shout words that make no sense and have no context. The other day, she yelled Good Morning! to me, and I said “morning. its cold outside” and she yelled out “yay!” Throughout the day, she will scream random words like that…and will add syllables where they don’t belong “super-duper” “excellante” “yay so bueno”. It seems that she is so anxious to talk nonsense, that she doesn’t bother listening to what anyone says before she blurts out this word vomit. So annoying, and nearly impossible to work with her around. Even with my headphones in both ears and turned up loud, I can still hear her cackling voice. I wish people like this would observe their surroundings and take social cues from other people in the room.
newsoulawakening2 newsoulawakening2
31-35, F
Jan 22, 2013