I dont really hate the bosses wife,but I'm pretty sure she hates me. Don't know why & can't really ask anyone bcuz i don't want it to get back to the boss and cause a whole situation. I do my job pretty well & she seems to get along w/everyone except me. If we are ever together alone she never says a word & the tension is deafening.  Any suggestions,anyone?

wannasmackher wannasmackher
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

That's definitely a good one to do. LOL my boss's wife looks like a starved refugee and has the mental capacity of a 12 year old girl. Thankfully, I seldom if ever have to see her.

Why don't you go and talk to her? Say what you have on I really like that. Every time I see you, you are always looking sharp. See when you give a compliment like that when you start off. That brings the defenses down her walls and then she will open up like a book. Then a brief conversation. Then say. Let me get back to work it was a pleasure speaking with you we should do this more often. Then that way you have brownie points with the boss because she may have judged you or thought the same about you. She will go back and tell her husband something nice about you. Sometimes even when we don't want to we have to be the mature ones to break the ice.