East Coast - West Coast = Same Pissy People.

I moved across the country to the middle of the desert in California. Not only have I been completely alone (besides my husband whose a PR on shore duty in the Navy) trapped on this base, but everyone is so mean!! Before I left, my aunt told me I would like the West Coast. She said people were different here than the East Cost -- more laid back && nice. Man was she wrong... I don't know if it's just the base -- but I feel like they all maybe came from the same freezing place I did and just haven't unthawed yet -- that's how cold these people have been to me.

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I was born in Scotland and married an American,, That is the only reason I came to America. since i have lived here I spent 8 years in Florida, where i met tons of friends and had many marvelous memories,, I moved to various other states and loved them all ... Texas, Wisconsin, Oregon, etc,, I then had to move to California for my work..and a sad divorce (no kids) <br />
I have been here for 7 years and still have no friends... I have not met anyone I can stand for more than five minutes I think I have made a connection with a friend and then they just never call you or feel you are to stuck up for them (I have been told),..2 years after i moved here I met a Scientist in San Diego and we live together in San Francisco area,,, I hate it.... The rents are 3 times more than anywhere else, we have not saved a penny, the streets are filthy dirty, the people are nasty and stupid. They think they know everything and know nothing... This place is just hell,, My boyfriend begs me to stay because he can't find work anywhere else,. <br />
And I have a tough time in my 50s finding work,,, Horrible State.. Sorry..

YES SOUTHERN PEEPS HAVE THAT SOUTHERN HOSPYALITY GOING FOR THEM ................WE ( calif types) MAY SEEM ALOOF OR NOT INVOLED BUT THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL/ YOU ARE FREE TO ROam .. to be your self.............. we wont bother you or point the finger at you ..........

you need to get out an meet reAL CAlif peeps not miltARY TYPES

I have lived on the east coast, west coast, midwest and the south and by far the least friendly people are on the west coast. The most friendly people are in the south by far. In the south you can walk down the street in a strange neighborhood and people will say hi to you with a smile for no paticular reason. In cali if you say hi to a stranger they will dial 911 on their cell phone because they'll think your a rapist or something.

ur being dramatic.... geez get a hold of ur self and be real. i too have lived all over this country........including calif, I also travel alone to other states and never once in any state (and calif) have i ran into someone feeling like they had to dial 911 ... if u are walking around in the ghetto areas of course they will call 911 if U look like someone who will harm them ...

imori u even belong to a grp that says. i always feel like im bothering someone... so there you go.... its you that make people feel like they need to call 911

hi ms. altruism1o1, i just read this & your story are months ago so perhaps that your already adjusted by now. would like to emphatize what felt. same here. 10 months here in japan (my 1st deployment). locals do not speak outside the base so people are pretty much contained inside the base. finding a job is really hard especially my collage degree is from philippines. i do plan to to study nursing but i will start from scratch. tried working. already stress out from work and my hubby travels to different countries (shore duty) 2x or 3x a month. we dont even have TV or furniture inside the house. no kids too. been tired of working to help my hubby pay the bills, because i got worried in our finances due to his family & sister who constantly asking money & sending to e-mail about how hard their life is. i feel that as a wife his already overwhelmed w/ problems from his family that i don't have space to express my unhappiness. we'll be one year married this month. i feel that he does not even plan to do something special on our 1st year wedding anniversary. most wives here do shop, travel, and have a great time. feels like im the simplest domesticated wife here. im so unhappy. his coming home tomorrow & im not even exited that his coming back.

get out and join a wifes miltray grp the miltary has all kinds of programs ... i was raised in the miltray and married into it ... it can rather be a loney life if ur not use to it .... as for his family .... the family needs to get a grip....... why is he buying into their need for money from him...