I used to love it but it just f*cking sucks.
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It's annoying, a lot of work, uncomfortable, filthy, hot, sweaty, unnecessary, horrifying toilets, uncomfortable tents, loud birds wake you early in the morning, loud bug keep you up all night, it's too hot to sleep, you wake up wet from the dew. No showers. It's just disgusting like why do people do this for fun.

The camping I do has a sanitary bathroom & separate showers. They're cleaned regularly too. By now I'm used to the bugs & birds. Yes it does get hot but that's what the beach is for right?

I hate the beach


I went there once. It wasn't impressive. It was just annoying. Seagulls are annoying. Jellyfish were washing up and in the waters. Pointy snails were in the sand. It just wasn't very entertaining and I have no desire to go back.

Well the beaches off of lakes don't have the jellyfish and pointy snails. The water is also generally warmer as well.

I do love lakes. I prefer swimming in them than swimming pools.

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