Hi , I just lost my boyfriend of 22yrs. to cancer , not just one cancer , but three . He died less than 2wks ago . Does the pain ever ease up ? Somtimes I don't  think I will make it . .   : (
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I saw many of my family memers suffer with Cancer. And now, I have it, in remission, but a possible reoccurrence of it coming back. I have never really thought it was gone as I feel that it is so deep in me that the Chemo would not be able to kick it. I just hang on to my faith as I don't have any family suport and just lost the one and only friend that I have.

I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know if I can be of help as I lost my mother to cancer less than a month ago. She died a horrible death and I feel as though the pain is worse, not better. I think I can't make it either sometimes, but I know giving up is not what my mother would want. <br />
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It is hard to go on. Life is not the same, but we have to remember the lessons we've learned from our loved ones and honor them. The best way to honor them is to go on living your life, and be the best person that you can be, not only to yourself, but to others as well, and make a positive contribution to the world.