It Took My Best Friend.

It took my grandmother, who was my best friend. It seemed like she was fine, then we found out she had lung cancer and 2 years later she died. I honestly think the Chemo and radiation made it worse. I wonder how long I would have had her, had she not had the treatments.

I miss her so much and still cry for her when I need a hug, if I have had a really bad day, she is the first thought I think of when I need comfort for anything.

I miss her so bad.
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3 Responses Mar 23, 2011

I lost 3 good friends and a cousin to cancer in last 6 years. Very upsetting.<br />
I know how you all must feel. It's just such a void. Making new friends is good. They<br />
never replace previous ones. Never will.

I feel ur pain. Lost my gram to colon cancer that spread to lungs n brain, over 20 years ago. I'm not crying everyday, but even now, I still cry over her. She was ny best friend also. I keep an 8x10 pic of her next to my bed. I feel her presence to this day, we were joined at the hip. :-) Hold on to ur great memories with her, and try not to focus so much on how she died. She is pain-free now. Think of all the living u and her did together. It will get easier with time, i promise. Hugs!

i am sorry. i miss my g-ma too. she died of smoking related lung issues. it was a ****** death.