A Really Sad Cancer Doctor

When I trained to be an oncologist I thought it would magically protect me and my family from this scourge. Unfortunatley not so. I am so PISSED at cancer. I have dedicated my  work life to it  already for years....and now it is going to take my mom from me and from her fabulous granddaughter.   I guess I hope that some of the good will that I have tried to impart to others over the years will come back to me... but once you are here ...it is a different story. I just hope we can each all try hard to find our own way to beat this disease (or make peace with it). 
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I'm so sorry about your mom. And so grateful to wonderful specialists like you who face this dread disease every day and help the rest of us try and beat it. My beloved husband has stage 4 colon cancer and would have died a year ago without the different drugs and surgical procedures - and the doctors who delivered them. I live in Quebec, Canada (where there is universal medicare) and the doctors here constantly fight the government to give them the tools they need. The oncologists at our local cancer center are true heroes; sometimes working 24/7 to handle the overload of patients with limited resources. Please know that your talent is not wasted but also that you are not ultimately responsible for life and death. When a patient goes into remission - or dies - it's God's will; not yours. Just as I and my husband are struggling to bring out some good in this cancer nightmare, so are you. Even more so. Your efforts are paying off every day and will be seen even more in the future. Because you are the means through which God works.