My Favorite Doctor(happy Post)

My favorite doctor is my family doctor..I dont reallly care much for any doctor really because they seem to always be the bearer of bad news for me..not her.she always has a smile..she jokes with me and i love her to pieces.she didnt know I had cancer til just a couple of weeks ago..the look on her face was genuine devistation..see most doctors always are so serious and never show much if any compassion at all..she visit wasnt really a medical visit..It was over an hour of just talking,laughing and then something that took me by surprise.she took my hands and looked at me so serious and said"Can I pray with you?".i just fell to pieces..i couldnt control my emotions..yes peope pray for me,but for someone to personally pray for me the way she did had a different was what I truly needed..i have stage 2 melanoma...and ppl have me on prayer requests and cyber prayer,which is what I call it,but no one has personally prayed with me until that day..she isnt suppose to mix religion with her practice and she took a huge step to risk her job just to pray for me..she is a real doctor,and for that I am forever grateful..I guess thats all.i just wanted to share..their are a rare few doctors that actually have compassion and care for others.I am lucky God gave me a great one..Bless you all,and thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Bratt38 Bratt38
36-40, F
Sep 10, 2012