New Treatment That Looks Promising!

I was watching my local fox news and they were talking to a doctor about doctors using AIDS as a way to cure cancer. They have already cured 3 adults and a child by: taking the part of AIDS that seeks and attacks your cells (which is amazing that they can do this) and separating it from the infectious disease part. They put the attacking virus in the body and it went after the leukemia cells. The upside is that the few that have done this have been totally cured. The downside is that the patients got fevers (the getting worse before better) and one went into a coma. They said the dead cells are floating in the body, and can clog the organs up as they are excreted out of the body. The doctor said that they are now focusing on how to elevate that side effect. The success of this treatment has been 100% success so far. I was astonished to hear such wonderful news. I had to share!
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I must confess I am a news junkie but have never heard of this and I do watch Fox news as well.I hope they really can that virus to cure many lives and it would be poetic justice for that virus to turn out for the good.Thanks for this story.