IF I Don't Talk About It, It Doesn't Exist

I have shared many of my thoughts, gotten on my soapbox, talked about the love of my son, my art, my politics and more...  My circle here on ep has supported me through my very recent separation from my husband and more, but I can't seem to open up about the most devastating thing that is happening in my life.

I was recently diagnosed with melanoma (a family disease for me - Mom too).  I am getting ready to embark on a journey of possible chemo, radiation, more surgery and I am scared.  I hate pity and possibly that is another reason for my lack of candor.

I am not sure I really want advice yet; I definitely don't want pity; I am not sure I have the capacity to share much more.  I find it easier right now to write about everything else, but...

Thank you ep friends.

childoftheland childoftheland
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Should I let the flood gates open?