It Really Sucks

My sister inlaw died of breast cancer about 2 years ago. She was first diagnosed and was told her chances were good. She went through kemo for about 1 year. That didn't work. So they removed the cancer in her breast. It came back. She went to more kemo. The doctor told her that it appeared to work and for the moment she was cancer free. Then she started getting really bad headaches. She went back to the doctor and was told that the cancer had spread and was now in her brain. She then was told she probaly only had a few weeks to live. And that's what happened. She died leaving her husband and her beatiful 2 small children.  Soon after she passed away my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She had cancer in her bladder. They did a small operation to try to remove it. But it didn't work. She ended up having her bladder removed. Now she has a urostomy ( her urine goes into a bag that is connected to a opening on her stomach. She is doing much better now other than the fact that she has alztimers as well. But thank god she is cancer free and still with us today. And thank god that my sister inlaw is in a better place now and doesn't have to suffer with all the pain she had.
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So sorry for your loss. Strange hiw some people live and some don't with cancer. I think it's just so unpredictable, one person could be 29 years old than another with cancer... The older/weaker one lives... Strange... I wish you and your family all the best x

thank you for your kind words

im very sorry for your loss, and keep strong for your mother...this story is Very touching and sad