Angry At Mother

My mother discovered through a colonoscopy that she has a tumor the "size of a Thai watermelon" that wasn't there last year.

She told my brother and I that she is dying of ovarian cancer and that she will die in a few months.  We're getting close to a few months now.  Since then, it turns out that she hasn't been officially diagnosed.  Just a high CA-125 result and a growing ultrasound image.

I am angry at my mother for telling us that she is dying, for refusing the biopsy, surgery, and treatment.  And most importantly because she is refusing to let me visit her while she is still healthy.  She'll call when the cancer starts eating her alive.  Why won't she fight?  And why alone? She only has one friend and two (adult) children. 

Hachan Hachan
41-45, F
Aug 26, 2009