There Should Be A Limit To How Large A Company Can Get

If you can get rid of capitalism you can get rid of many problems in this society. One reason why Americans are too fat is because of the poor quality of food. Diabetes is a leading sickness in our society and I bet everyone of us knows at least one person who has it. The capitalist and their giant corporations lower the prices of their already cheap to make products to weed out smaller farmers. In a way this is a monopoly. Companies like Walmart, P&G, Tyson, Medical industries are the only ones that profit from your pain and suffering. The one percent of the population has more money than the ninety nine percent put together. That is just wrong. I think that the government should limit the size of an average company to a certain amount instead of letting them hog all the money. According to the constitution all people were created equal, not true all people are either working class or capitalists. They don't care if you get cancer from thoughs cheap household cleaners you buy at Walmart or if you get fat from eating hormone laden, genetically modified meat and vegetables. And not once did I ever hear my doctor tell me to stay away from certain foods or to exercise they are just ready to shove pills down my throat and send me out of their office. Thats because they want you to stay sick and come back for more appointments. Even my therapist is like this the first thing she asks me before I leave is "when are you going to make another appointment? you should make another appointment." My god! Talk about money hungry.
After I got fed up with capitalism I started only buying organic unprocessed natural foods. My skin got clearer and I felt better and did not need to visit the doctor except for check ups. Now I don't need to spend unnecessary money on acne medicine or over the counter medicines. And I've decided to exercise more and engage in stress reducing activities like hiking and meditation so now I can say goodbye to medication.I also am apart of Occupy Wall Street movement.
This is my way of rebelling against capitalism.

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I agree 100%! :) Sadly speaking of diabetes, my former neighbor passed away from it and he was mainly very nice at times! :(

Amen soldier

As The United States is the highly developed capitalist country compared to other countries. I was/am watching closely at OWS as a phase of .... For me , Everything happens as if it had already been texted in a book "Capitalism" .. In todays globalized economy. everything is connected to everything else. Honestly. Everytime i think of everything. it always puzzles me alot. Thank you vy

That is totally true. I hate it when people look at a situation and think " if we fix this one issue then everything will just fall into place" when in actuality when u fix one problem everything else kinda also needs a makeover.

Some people are fat because they lack self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility. If a person makes excuses for their own bad, unhealthy behaviours, and they buy into those excuses, then they will do whatever they want - regardless of the negative consequences. The trend these days is to do as we please rather than as we should, then find anyone else - corporations, the government, our parents, the devil.... the list can go on and on - to blame it on. Things will change when we all take an honest look at our own behaviours, and resolve to change them.

Yeah I doubt that would happen any day soon seeing that our whole society is based on.

unfortunately obesity is due to many, complex factors, including what kind of bacteria are living in your gut. also, an awful lot of fat people have a history of sexual abuse, and are unable to change their eating habits until they address their trauma.

If you want to know why Democrats and Republicans think the way they do, listen to some video lectures by George Lakoff. Republicans favor a strict father figure model. Democrats on the other hand favor the nurturant parent model. Thats how right wing morality is, hierarchy and punishment. What these republican righties think is that Corporations are moral, just cause they got somewhat big, and therefore are worthy of unlimited power. Thats bullcrap, first off, they got into their power by manipulation and walking on others. Second, no one is worthy of unlimited power. <br />
What these corporations are forget is that they have a responsibility to serve the people, but they care more about keeping their wallets full. And the stupid Republican party assumes that they deserve the power they have. Its all hierarchy. The corporate Fatcats are so "Moral" cause they are in a position of power, and therefore deserve their wealth at the expense of the "Immoral" weak. Its absolutely disgusting. Yet the funny thing its so hard to start a small business, having to go through all that government stuff, making it nearly hard to succeed through ethical practices. Why? Corporate pigs are lobbyists. They pay Congress to cater to their lust for unlimited power

That will be really interesting.

I think your confused. Maybe people are fat because capitalism allow for freedom and success. You dont see fat people is socialist or communist countries because they're starving while waitIng for the "peo

Freedom has it's price. Welcome to the age of chronic diseases and overcompetiveness that drives manufactors to reduce the quality of everything in order to keep up with lowering costs.

But people are living longer and healthier active lives

they're not. we're dying younger in 2013 than we were 40 years ago. in socialist europe, however, this is not true.

The U.S. health care system, the least "socialist" of any developed nation's health care system, is by any objective measure the absolute WORST. It costs the most, far more than even the second most expensive but delivers worse results. Why? Because in America the health care system is a business first, with "profits above all else" as the mindset, and anything else including being a public service a very VERY distant second. Look at the infant mortality rate in the U.S. versus in developed European countries or in Japan or South Korea. And look at how much more Americans pay for their health care. Right now there are tens of millions of Americans who don't have health insurance. Why? Not because they want to be "rebels" or anything but because they simply cannot afford it. Inner city kids dying because they have an infected tooth but their parents can't afford to take them to the dentist. Grandmothers choosing between food and scandalously overpriced medicine. This is a good health care system?? Then please tell me what a rotten health care system would look like.

Ur response is very much appreciated and I am novice at politics

By the way. I dont think people in Syria or north Korea would say that freedom has its price. I'm sure they would pay anything for freedom

freedom is too often another word for "selfishness"

Oh yeah, because everybody knows that Syria and North Korea are the only two other countries in the world besides America. (Facepalm!)

That goes without saying. So are you telling me that capitalism has no effect on peoples habits. And you support everything about it? Its true that living in democracy is better than living in Communist or dictatorship country each person has their own oppinion based on their belief.

Capitalism is not a form of government, it's an economic model. And it isn't even the best economic model. Anarcho-syndicalism (direct worker ownership of the businesses) is a far more humane, more fair economic system than capitalism. Do you like working your butt off to make someone else rich? Neither do I.

Capitalism allows for the freedom of those with the capital to exploit everyone who doesn't have the capital to exploit anyone else. For the rest of us we get varying degrees of slavery. You can keep that kind of "freedom".

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