If You Aren't Garfield The Cartoon Cat...i Hate Them

There is just something gross about them. They freak me out. Maybe its the way they move or their nasty meows that have the same effect on me as the sound of mosquitoes, or those sharp claws. I just cannot stand them. I would actually refuse to be with someone who had a cat...its either me or the cat. I would make him or her get rid of the stupid cat. I accidentally hit a cat late one night and felt bad so I posted it on FB and all of my friends were actually happy I killed the cat! Clearly they hate cats more than I did.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

A very feline mindset and behavior.

So let me get this straight you guys come on a "I Hate Cats" group and get MAD that people have something bad to say about cats. Im dumbanddisgusting yet clearly your too much of a dumbass to read the name of the group.

I know cat lovers really are morons sometimes. Lol

Cats are like quiet, self-sufficient people who don't need an ***-kissing from the mob. They can tell you don't like them and treat you equally in return.

I love how the cowardly folk on here delete comments when they realize that they have no valid argument. :)

I didnt even read the comment. Im not going to indulge you in a fight online. That is weak to me. Also I dont care to have your harassment on what I post. You seem to have some obsession with coming back for God only knows what. Get a life.